FuRyu Published ‘Trinity Trigger’ Officially Announced for Japan; PS4, PS5 & Switch September 2022 Release

The upcoming Three Rings developed and FuRyu published Trinity Trigger has been officially announced, with the former countdown website morphing into a fully-fledged hub for the game. Screenshots were previously leaked alongside the release date.

Prospective players can look forward to an isometric action RPG experience with eight swappable weapon types that must all be utilized to achieve victory adequately. Further, there are over 60 maps boasting non-linear progression and townspeople interaction for various discoveries.

As revealed on the website, the involved staff comprises Hiroki Kikuta for the soundtrack, Raita Kazama for character design, Nobuteru Yuuki for world design, and Yuura Kubota for scenario writing. Additionally, the title will be playable with 1-3 people.

Trinity Trigger is releasing in Japan for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch on September 15, 2022.

You can view the announcement trailer for Trinity Trigger below:

The FurYu developed Crystar recently launched for Switch. Check out our review.

Crystar is an action RPG that has players assume the role of Rei Hatada, who is trying to revive her dead younger sister Mirai Hatada. Evidently, she makes a deal with the devil and must now fight the souls of those who have drifted into limbo.

The game revolves around the power of crying, which lends assistance to the characters and allows them to purify weapons and gain specific stat boosts. Enemies in the game will appear who must be defeated by crying and using the character’s lack of mental stability as a weapon. The Switch version will include all the DLC previously released.

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