Triangle Strategy Launching for PC via Steam October 2022

Triangle Strategy Launching for PC via Steam October 2022

Square Enix has announced that their formerly Nintendo Switch exclusive tactical JRPG, Triangle Strategy, will be launching for PC via Steam on October 13, 2022.

Pre-orders are currently available for both the standard and deluxe editions, with a temporary 10% discount lasting until the game launches. Further, a bundle with the recently announced Various Daylife is available, and those who pre-order it will receive a 29% discount on all of its contents.

The game’s Steam announcement trailer is viewable below:

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Triangle Strategy takes place on the continent of Norzelia polyclonal of Glenbrook, Aesfrost, and Hyzante. The regions fight over salt and iron, which began the Saltiron War, now years later, the threats of war reemerge as groups of knights from each region join together to fight. During gameplay, players will find themselves navigating a classic grid-based map.

The turn-based battle system will also feature environmental systems where players can directly affect the world around them. Characters can link attacks together to utilize the elements and cause greater damage or find ways to navigate the battlefield quicker. The morality system offers intricate story and character depth with meaningful consequences spanning across the entirety of the experience, also providing greater replayablity.

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