Trials of Mana Remake Confirmed to Have Dual Audio With English and Japanese Support

During Nintendo’s E3 2019 Treehouse presentation, Square Enix took the stage to show off Trials of Mana.

During the presentation, the developer showed off the game’s environments and the battle system that is a full 3D realization of the original Trials of Mana, which released yesterday in the west for the first time. The developer also confirmed that the game will support English and Japanese audio at launch with addition text subtitles (shown around the 11-minute mark).

Additionally, players can get a look at the game’s English version as well as preview a scene where the Beastmen have destroyed the town and Duran will need to investigate why. Additionally, players also meet Reisz who is the second company that joins Duran. Evidently, her city is destroyed and although her and Duran’s objectives are different, they are both headed to Wendel. So, they go together. Throughout the game, each character has their own reasons for going to Wendel and they will soon band together to take on anything that comes their way.

Trials of Mana is a remastered version of Seiken Densetsu 3 and the sequel to Secret of Mana. The game follows six heroes who are on a quest to claim the legendary Mana Sword and defeat the God Beasts before they destroy the world. The cast of characters varies depending on which storyline the player chooses to take on in the first chapter of the game. This choice also determines how the characters interact with each other. Each of the heroes has their own personality and motivation for wanting to take on such a dangerous quest, but they press on.

We’ll be sure to update you on everything Trials of Mana as we get closer to the release date.

Trials of Mana is coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in Early 2020.

You can watch the presentation below:

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