Trials of Mana 25th Anniversary Updates Remake With New Difficulties and Gameplay Adjustments

The 25th anniversary of the original Trials of Mana is being celebrated through the remake of the title receiving a sizable update.

This update, known as Patch 1.1.0, is updating the game with the “No Future” Difficulty and “Expert” Difficulty.

The “No Future” Difficulty makes all enemies, including bosses, even more challenging, restricts certain abilities and item usage, and puts time limits on boss battles. Stronger versions of equipment and new chain abilities are also present, adding to further the flair of this new difficulty mode.

“Expert” Difficulty is only available when beginning a New Game Plus playthrough. Additionally, players will also be given the option to revert all characters back to level 1.

Unlocked costumes for the cast’s various class changes can now be changed to when either being promoted to a different class, or starting a New Game Plus playthrough. More Goddess statues have been added to the map alongside general bug fixes.

Players who complete the story on the “No Future” Difficulty will be awarded the “Rabite Slippers” equipment. This footwear will allow players to navigate maps freely without having to fear enemy encounters.

The following titles are on sale in order to also celebrate the 25th anniversary of Trials of Mana:

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