Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Loads Up Life is Destroy in New Trailer

Grasshopper Manufacture launched a new trailer showing snippets of gameplay of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes’ environmental puzzles and two player gameplay teaming up in a boss fight.

The trailer’s opening scene shows glitching imagery of a program called “Life is Destroy” loading up, continuing to play along with the plot of Travis being teleporting into a powerful gaming console. Afterward, the video continues to show glimpses of the game’s genre-jumping adventure. Travis and Bad Man are traversing the computerized streets, solving the maze and fighting off enemies like a rainbow tiger.

The final clips introduce players to a character named Mr. Doppelganger. A boss enemy with the ability to multiply and confuse Travis and Bad Man.

For those new to the No More Heroes series, the first release, No More Heroes follows Travis as he tracks down and defeated killers in the United Assassin’s Association to avoid being targeted himself. While the sequel, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle follows Travis as he tries to thwart a revenge plot against him.

Travis Strike Back will continue Travis’ story with Bad Man, an assassin from previous games comes for Travis before he and Travis get sucked into the video game console.

You can check out the brand new gameplay trailer below:

Author’s Take: Travis is like my favorite dirtbag, I really condition my life to be like his. Just without the cool energy saber, the murdering, confident punk attitude, and pretty much everything about him that I don’t share in common. But you get the point.

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