Make Clones and Defy Gravity in VR Puzzle Game Transpose Out Now

What if you had the ability to make clones of yourself, and the power to manipulate the world around you? Probably would make solving problems a bit easier, huh? In Transpose, the dreamlike VR puzzle game from Entertainment One’s (eOne) Emmy Award-winning studio Secret Location, you posses clone-making, world-bending powers, and you must use them to successfully solve complex physics puzzles. It’s available now for $19.99 for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR.

As an ethereal being — that kind of looks like Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen —  your mission is to collect and sacrifice energy to power up a mysterious ancient machine. To do so, Transpose challenges you to record multiple overlapping versions of yourself that must work together to solve intricate puzzles.

When you create a copy, which in the game is called an ‘Echo’, that avatar will carry out all of the actions you just did moments ago. Thinking ahead is essential to solving all of the levels in Transpose as you must synchronize your Echos perfectly — and in the correct order — to complete each level. Every step and every action matters in Transpose.

While Echos play a crucial role in completing puzzles, the power to control time and gravity will come in handy, too. If you have trouble reaching an area or getting to a destination, you can simply rotate the environment around you to walk on walls and ceilings.

With three unique worlds containing over 30 mystifying levels, you’ll end running into some mind-numbing moments. Via a press release, Secret Location, the developer of Transpose, mentioned that the game features “nearly 8 hours of gameplay”, but I’m sure that it can be less or more depending on a player’s puzzle solving skill level. For me, I bet it’d take far more than 8 hours to finish the game since I’m pretty terrible at puzzle games.

Secret Location isn’t a stranger to the VR world. They’ve crafted critically acclaimed VR titles, like the bullet-hell action VR shooter, Blasters of the Universeand the spooky Sleepy Hollow: VR Experience. Here’s what Ryan Andal, President, and Co-Founder at Secret Location, had to say about Transpose:

“Transpose is Secret Location’s full-blown foray into using surrealism as a core game mechanic to show how effective this artistic direction can be in VR. We hope that Transpose’s revamping of the puzzle genre will show the value of creating diverse VR games and help further the medium’s recent renaissance of high-quality and truly creative projects.”

Get a better look at Transpose‘s surreal world thanks to the launch trailer and screenshots below. 

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