Trails of Cold Steel “The Daily Life of Crow Armbrust” Sixth Chapter Available & Translated

Nihon Falcom and Japanese news outlet Dengeki have published the sixth chapter of “The Daily Life of Crow Armbrust” 4-panel manga series illustrated by Yuhki Kigi. This manga aims to briefly depict Crow’s behind-the-scenes actions that were not explicitly seen in the Trails of Cold Steel saga. The seventh chapter will be published on June 26, 2023.

Before moving on, it’s worth emphasizing that this issue of the manga, and likely future releases, will contain massive story spoilers for the Trails of Cold Steel II

The following synopsis was provided:

The escape plan from the Pantagruel may have left a lasting impression on many people. After Rean and his friends leave the scene after saving Alfin, Crow seems to be blamed by Duke Cayenne for his blunder. Trembling with anger, he demands something from Crow…?

You can read a translation of this new manga chapter, “I Want to Eat It, Too,” below, translated by our team’s Ryuji:

Crow Manga 6

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