The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel I ~ IV & Trails into Reverie Complete Box Reveals New Pre-Order Bonuses

Developer Nihon Falcom has revealed new pre-order bonuses for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel I ~ IV & Trails into Reverie Complete Box.

In particular, three new tapestries were revealed when purchasing from specific storefronts, viewable via our gallery below. Altina Orion is depicted in casual attire, Rean Schwarzer is showcased in his teaching context, and Crow Armbrust is just being himself, I guess.

Additionally of note is that if one pre-orders the package from digital retailer ebten, the following Altina-centric product is provided:

[3D Crystal Set]

● 3D Crystal Set (Altina)
A 3D crystal containing Altina’s character model. It’s a 3D stereoscopic laser engraving that is inside a crystal cube. Her jet black combat shell Claimh Solais can also be seen as a 2D background.

The crystal also comes included with an LED stand, so you can adjust it in various different light angles and enjoy the beautiful sparkling interior of the crystal on your interior décor. AA batteries are required for this functionality, but they are not included.

A brief video displaying this 3D Crystal set is viewable below:

You can view previously revealed pre-order bonuses and where one can acquire them via Falcom’s official website.

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