Trails of Cold Steel 10th Anniversary Café Reveals Menu Items; Character Drinks & Signature Dishes

Developer Nihon Falcom and Cure Maid Café have revealed the menu for the previously announced Trails of Cold Steel tenth-anniversary collaboration event. Occurring between  July 21 and July 30, 2023, fans in the area can enjoy drinks, food, and sweets inspired by the members of Class VII.

You can view each menu item and its descriptions, translated below, via our team’s Ryuji.

Firstly, let’s go over the drinks.

Rean Schwarzer – ¥770

Kuromitsu syrup + milk + whip + gold leaf + purple straw.

A Japanese-style black and white drink inspired by Rean. Kuromitsu syrup is spread on the bottom of the glass, and when mixed, it becomes very thick and strong-tasting! A purple straw sword is included.


Alisa Reinford – ¥770

Strawberry jelly + grapefruit juice + whipped cream + mint.

A refreshingly sweet drink inspired by Alisa. Red strawberry jelly and grapefruit juice perfectly match the whipped cream and mint.

alisa 1

Elliot Craig – ¥770

Vegetable juice + French parsley + cherries + yellow-green straw.

Elliot’s menu of fresh vegetable juices is arranged in the style of Cure Maid Café! Vegetable juice with mango and carrots is served with a yellow-green straw wand. A cherry also accompanies it.


Laura S. Arseid – ¥770

Butterfly pea + pineapple + mint.

A beautiful blue and yellow drink inspired by Laura. The unsweetened butterfly pea tea expresses the dignified nature of this drink! The large pineapple, the same color as her eyes, makes it easy to digest.

laura 1

Machias Regnitz – ¥770

Hot coffee + green tea chocolate.

Machias is a big coffee drinker, so we prepared a nice coffee drink for him! With matcha chocolate, which is the same green as his hair color, he can take a breather.

*Warning: Hot drink. Take care not to burn yourself!


Jusis Albarea – ¥770

Mojito jelly + iced tea + lemon + French parsley.

A refreshing black tea drink inspired by Jusis. Yellow-green lime-flavored jelly and iced tea are served in a wine glass garnished with a large lemon, which makes you feel like an aristocrat. 


Emma Millstein – ¥770

Grape juice + whipped cream + purple sugar + gummies.

A purple drink inspired by Emma. Grape juice decorated with purple sugar! Celine’s grape-flavored gummies are served as a side.

emma 1

Fie Claussell – ¥770

Mojito jelly + Calpis + lime + whip + edible flowers

A green and white drink inspired by Fie. The lime flavor expresses strength, while the Calpis expresses youthfulness! The limes are inspired by her twin bayonets, and the drinks also have edible flowers inspired by her gardening hobby.

fie 1

Gaius Worzel – ¥770

Chai syrup + milk + mixed berries + French parsley.

A slightly spicy drink inspired by Gaius. With herbal chai syrup and milk, you may feel the wind of the Nord! The tartness of the mixed berries also matches his red outfit!


Millium Orion – ¥770

Blue curaçao syrup + melon syrup + white drink + whipped cream + mango sauce + chocolate + mint.

A sweet, blue drink inspired by Millium, with two types of syrup mixed in a white drink to represent her blue hair color! Topped with mint and chocolate!


Crow Armburst – ¥770

Ginger ale + cranberry + French parsley + golden straw.

A cool drink inspired by Crow. Floating in the ginger ale is a bright red cranberry fruit. Hmm, I wonder what this berry represents…


Next up are the main dishes:

Rean’s Hunter-Style Carbonara – ¥1,480

Rean’s original dish, a hunter’s carbonara. Topped with a bone-in wiener in a hunter’s style. The black pepper accentuates the flavor, and the generous portion is very satisfying!

sen food 01

Hometown Jurai Plate – ¥1,280

Inspired by the local cuisine of Jurai. Large meatballs are topped with Cure Maid Cafe’s special tomato sauce and served with potatoes and broccoli. This dish is also served with edamame (green soybean) soup and rye bread that goes well with the meal.

sen food 02

Lastly, are the sweets:

~Towards the Future~ 10th Anniversary Plate – ¥1,100

Iced cheesecake + raspberry sauce + mango sauce + mixed berries + mango + chervil.

The ending sequence at the end of Cold Steel IV inspires this gorgeous plate. The cold iced cheesecake is filled with chocolate, nuts, strawberries, and orange peel. The colors of both countries are laid out with raspberry sauce and mango sauce, and mixed berries and mango are arranged like flowers.

[The image for the 10th-anniversary plate has a spoiler game screenshot, so we won’t post it]

Enjoy Mishy ☆ Mishelam Wonderland Plate – ¥1,100

Mini pancakes + chocolate syrup + marble chocolate + whipped cream + spearmint + pineapple + strawberries + orange + black sesame ice cream + chocolate.

Beyond the hills of pancakes decorated with chocolate sauce and colorful chocolate and fruit, you can see the back of Mishy?! The orange Ferris Wheel is also dazzling, making this plate a fun Mishelam Wonderland!

sen sweet 02 1

For more information about this collab event, such as its location, check out its official website.

You can view the official video highlighting the Trails of Cold Steel tenth-anniversary café event below:

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