Trails into Reverie – 100% Fishing Guide

Just like previous Trails games, Trails into Reverie features a fishing activity with several species to catch. Thankfully, this entry is reasonably lenient with its catches, meaning you should be able to find most of them naturally. Still, every fish’s location is listed here for convenience.

There are multiple rods you can purchase and earn via the Reverie Corridor. The following are the ones I found outside the Reverie Corridor that you may want to consider grabbing:

  • Buy Agilitaran Leader for Fishing  in Plover Goods & Souveniers – Rean Act 1
  • Buy the Lakelord OFR rod from the Lakelord Company in the Leica District (only seems to appear after a bit of story progress is made from where you’re initially able to enter the store) – Rean Act 2
  • Buy the Crown Line Rod at Jake’s General Store in Armorica Village- Lloyd Act 2
  • Buy RF’z Zero Bearing and Custom Handle at the Fisherman’s Guild on East Street – C Act 3

The following comprises the fishing guide proper. Alongside their listed spots, notes from my completionist guide are inserted to provide frames of reference for when you can first find them.


Catch Kasagin Fish at Harbor District – Lloyd Act 1

  • Crossbell Harbor – North
  • Reverie Garden

Snow Crab

Snow Crab can be caught at Ymir Valley 1 Fishing Spot – Rean Act 1

  • Reverie Garden
  • Ymir Valley 1


Catch Cangiru Fish at Harbor District – C Act 3

  • Crossbell Harbor – South

Sky Gill

Catch Sky Gill Fish at East Crossbell Highway 3 near the Boat Shack – Lloyd Act 2

  • Lake Elm Wetlands 1
  • Crossbell Harbor – North
  • Armorica Old Road 1


Catch Noble Carp Fish – St Ursula Medical College – Lloyd Act 3

  • Knox Forest Path 1
  • St. Ursula Hospital
  • Dreichels Plaza


Catch Azelfish in Armorica (I somehow missed this, you can probably get it earlier) – Finale

  • Armorica Village
  • Reverie Garden
  • East Crossbell Highway 2

Red Perch

Catch the Red Perch Fish at Dreichels Plaza – Rean Act 2

  • Reverie Garden
  • Mater Park
  • Dreichels Plaza

Tiger Arowana

Catch Tiger Arowana Fish at the Old Armorica Road Fishing spot at the Rest Area (may need a better rod than what you arrive with) – Lloyd Act 2

  • Ursula Road 1
  • Reverie Garden
  • St. Ursula Hospital


Catch the Rockeater Fish at the  Armorica Village fishing spot – Lloyd Act 2

  • Armorica Village


Catch Puffer Fish at the fishing spot in the Nord Highlands North – Rean Act 3

  • West Crossbell Road
  • Nord Highlands – North

Rainbow Trout

Catch Rainbow Trout Fish at the fishing spot in Mainz Mountain Path 2 – C Act 3

  • Lake Elm Wetlands 2
  • Mainz Mountain Path 2


When in the Reverie Corridor for the first time.

  • Reverie Garden

Cobalt Crab

Catch Cobalt Crab Fish in the Ancient Battlefield Underground Path – Lloyd Act 2

  • Ancient Battlefield – Underground Waterway

Spiky Puffer

When forced into the Reverie Corridor in the middle of everyone’s third acts.

  • Reverie Garden

Noble Carp

Catch Noble Carp Fish – St Ursula Medical College – Lloyd Act 3

  • St. Ursula Hospital

Quicksilver Carp

Catch the Quicksilver Carp Fish – Knox Forest Path 1 – C Act 4

  • Knox Forest Path 1

Forest Gill

Catch Forest Gill Fish in Lake Elm Wetlands 2 –Rean Act 4

  • Lake Elm Wetlands 2

Pink Azelfish

Catch Pink Azelfish Fish at the Lakeside Beach – Rean Act 4

  • Mishelam – Lakeside Beach


Catch the Elecantus fish at Ursula Road 1 – Finale

  • Ursula Road 1

Gold Salmon

Catch Gold Salmon Fish on West Crossbell Road – Finale

  • West Crossbell Road

Northern Arowana

Catch the Northern Arowana fish at Ursula Road 1 – Finale

  • Ursula Road 1

Marble Snakehead

Catch the Marble Snakehead Fish at the Ursula Road 3 fishing spot.

  • Ursula Road 3

Blue Marlin

Catch Blue Marlin Fish in Reverie Corridor when the Third Stratum opens.

  • Reverie Garden

Glutton Shark

Catch the Glutton Shark fish in the Reverie Corridor when the Fourth Stratum unlocks.

  • Reverie Garden


Catch the Pearlglass Fish at the Lake Elm Wetlands 1 fishing spot – Finale

  • Lake Elm Wetlands 1

Jeweled Cancer

Talk to Cerdan and the others on the beach of Ursula Road 2, where the blue star is, and catch the Jeweled Cancer Fish only possible when 25 fish are caught. – Finale

  • Ursula Road 2

The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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