Trails into Reverie – All Rean Beach Date Events

Trails into Reverie has a bonus minigame door in the Reverie Corridor comprising various beachside activities Rean can partake in, including dates with his love interests. We have compiled every date in the following video and have listed the correct responses for many of the options during conversations. Note that not every answer is listed since the questions are randomized.

The tickets needed for the beachside activities are randomly dropped in the Reverie Corridor, but they’re pretty common. You should have little difficulty finding enough to do everything.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie takes place after Trails of Cold Steel IV and features a new mechanic that has players switch between playable protagonists and parties at a moment’s notice.

The Trails of Cold Steel protagonist, Rean Schwarzer, Crossbell protagonist, Lloyd Bannings, and the brand new character C, are the leaders of these three parties. They face their own unique threats before eventually uniting against something especially grand.

A prominent feature is the Reverie Corridor, highly akin to Phantasma from Trails in the Sky the 3rd, where a plethora of side activities await players, such as combat challenges, minigames, a fake gacha, over 50 playable characters, and teases toward the Calvard arc seen in the Kuro games.

You can view all of Rean’s beach dates in Trails into Reverie below:



  • Inviting other ladies – No
  • Dozing off and ruining quality time – No
  • Sunscreen help – No
    Racy swimsuit – Yes
  • Feminine Wiles captured you – Yes
  • Alcohol working its magic – No
  • Does the bracelet from Mishette look good on her – Doesn’t Matter



  • Long hair preference – No
  • Rean’s own eyes preference – No
  • Why Musse is feeling hot – Yes
  • What does Rean think  about Musse’s bikini – Yes
  • Claim those luscious lips for herself – Yes
  • Alfin and Elise curiosity – No
  • Rean’s muscles with sunscreen – No
  • Think of her as more of a bright-eyed girl – Doesn’t Matter



  • We’re in our own world – Yes
  • Rean whisking her away – No
  • Alfin misses treating Rean as an older brother- No
  • Relationship being more if she wasn’t princess – No
  • Mind if she sat closer – No
  • Is Alfin’s swimsuit pretty – Yes
  • Alfin walking down the aisle one day – Yes
  • Retain composure- Doesn’t Matter



  • Does Rean like to travel – Yes
  • Wish Rean could go back to thors student days – Yes
  • Missing Emma’s old glasses – No
  • Skin stinging reapply sunscreen – Yes
  • White bikini makes her stick out – No
  • Wish they could stay like this forever – No
  • Okay with Emma keeping the photo -Doesn’t Matter



  • Wandering eyes – Yes
  • Rean thinking about his own wedding – No
  • Sunburn- No
  • Kicking back at Mishleam – Yes
  • Juna’s Bikini – Yes
  • Juna is able to drive guys wild – Yes
  • Juna getting closer – No
  • Hearing her heart pound – Doesn’t Matter



  • Altina sketching vacation – No
  • Altina being Rean’s partner – No
  • Altina swimming coast to coast here – Yes
  • Altina saying funny things in her sleep – No
  • Altina becoming a full-grown woman- Yes
  • Who is next to her – Yes
  • Millium should dress more modestly – No
  • Altina has so many sides – Doesn’t Matter



  • Racing to that island – No
  • Missing the mystique of Lake Ebel-  Yes
  • Laura’s swimwear being alluring – Yes
  • Laura feeling Rean’s muscles – Yes
  • Laura’s swimsuit is distracting – No
  • Trying Laura’s food – Yes
  • Nice to sit and do nothing – Yes
  • Keep eyes closed until finished – Doesn’t Matter



  • Does Fie look good – Yes
  • Rean trying to become a Bracer – Yes
  • Fie being part of Rean’s family – No
  • Fie feeling nice because of breeze or good company – Yes
  • Fie feeling warm when her drink is cool – Yes
  • How it feels being in your 20s – Yes
  • Feeling like a kid with head pats – Yes
  • Hearing Fie’s heartbeat – Doesn’t Matter



  • Rean feeling relaxed- No
  • Sara being the token old gal – Yes
  • Rean being a heartbreaker- No
  • Drink doesn’t make up for being nonalcoholic – Yes
  • Not wanting to cozy up to Sara after sweating – No
  • Is Sara hot – Yes
  • Sara doing 180 on men – No
  • People think they’re a thing – Doesn’t Matter



  • Towa wanting rean for the future- Yes
  • Ymir hot springs are paradise – yes
  • Guys preferring stacked women- No
  • Towa preferring Rean’s standard hair – No
  • Towa unable to reach Rean’s head – No
  • Mishette’s idea – Doesn’t Matter



  • Elise needs to do better – No
  • Elise never wanting this time to stop – Yes
  • Does Elise look good in her swimsuit – Yes
  • Rean imagining life without being in her family – No
  • Elise wanting to see Rean’s chest – Yes
  • Evoking lovely memory – Doesn’t Matter

The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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