Trails into Reverie – 100% Recipe & Cooking Guide

Cooking is a staple throughout the Trails games, and Trails into Reverie is no different despite how unconventional its gameplay execution is. We have listed every recipe in the game, when and where you can obtain them, and their best cooks.

Our full Trails into Reverie fishing guide is below:

Blazing Mapo Tofu – Rixia – Best Cook

  • Speak to Finn in Long Lao Tavern & Inn on East Street – Lloyd Act 1

Impromptu Potato Salad – Ash – Best Cook

  •  Speak to Eric in Garante Jazz Bar in the Entertainment District – Lloyd Act 1

Tri-Color Onigiri – Musse – Best Cook

  • Automatically obtained from Valley’s Echo Tavern – Rean Act 1

Rural Minestrone – Elie – Best Cook

  • Buy from Gofan in the Ash Tree Inn in Armorica Village – Lloyd Act 2

Fruitful Pancakes – Kurt – Best Cook

  • Leica District -Buy it from Nancy in the Lucien Art Cafe – Rean Act 2

Fresh-Squeezed Juice – Altina – Best Cook

  •  Talk to Jonathan at the Fresh Juice vendor in Mater Park – Rean Act 2

Very Berry Ice Cream – Jusis – Best Cook

  •  Talk to Jasmine at the Ice Cream & Crepe stand at Dreichels Plaza – Rean Act 2

Juicy Ham Cutlet – Swin – Best Cook

  • Obtain from Neinvalli Exchange on East Street via the Manly Munchies – Ham Cutlet book – C Act 3

Soft-Boiled Egg Sandwich – Elliot – Best Cook

  • Buy from Philly in Lafite Bakery on Vesta Street – C Act 2

Aged Beef Stew – Alisa – Best Cook

  • Buy from Superintendent Kirsh in Le Lectier Inn – Lloyd Act 3

Spicy Kebab – Sara – Best Cook

  • Buy it from Sharl in the Nomadic Settlement near the Lodging Yurt – Rean Act 3

Devil’s Food Cornet – Nadia – Best Cook

  • Buy it at Morges Bakery on West Street from Oscar – C Act 3

Acerbic Red Soda – Lloyd – Best Cook

  • Buy it from Chroma in the Crossbell Cathedral, accessible from West Crossbell Highway – C Act 3

Resurrection Jelly – Wazy – Best Cook

  • Found it in the Second Stratum of the Reverie Corridor.

Mishelam Hot Dog – Crow – Best Cook

  • Gotten from the Manly Munchies – Hot Dog book from clearing the Reverie Corridor Daydream Vacay by using all tickets for the first time.

Red Brick Curry – Machias – Best Cook

  • Buy from Norma in Der Ziegel Inn – Lloyd Act 4

Vegetarian’s Solitary Moon – Noel – Best Cook

  • Within a chest in Moon Temple 2 – Lloyd Act 4

Marbled Steak – Fie – Best Cook

  • Buy from Lyte in Restaurant Fortuna – Rean Act 4

Dreamer’s Candy – Millium – Best Cook

  • Found in the first chest in Castle of Mirrors Floor 2 as Manly Munchies – Cotton Candy – Rean Act 4

Prison Food – C – Best Cook

  •  Open the first chest in Prison 2 for Manly Munchies – Prison Food – C Act 4

Rustic Bone – Randy – Best Cook

  • Within Manly Munchies chest in the Reverie Corridor Third Stratum

Justice Blend – Emma – Best Cook

  • Via Manly Munchies – Coffee – Clear the Justice a Deux Daydream

Nature Breeze Pasta – Laura – Best Cook

  • Buy from Vingt-Sept Cafe in the Central Plaza from Hoisdorf – Finale

Hard Genkotsu Ramen – Gaius – Best Cook

  • Speak to Koki in the Harbor District to obtain 4 Hard Genkotsu Ramen. Talk to Koki again right afterward to buy the Hard Genkotsu Ramen Recipe. – Finale

Forest-Blessed Hot Pot – Rean – Best Cook

  • Gotten from a chest in Ursula Road 3, contained within the Manly Munchies – Assorted Hotpot book, right near the fishing spot. – Finale

Shangri-La Spring – Lapis – Best Cook

  • Within Manly Munchies – Cocktail chest in Reverie Corridor 4th stratum

Dragon’s Tom Yum Goong – Juna – Best Cook

  • From a chest with Manly Munchies – Tom Yum Goong in Reverie Corridor 4th Stratum Depths

Freddy’s Shabu-Shabu – Tio – Best Cook

  • From the Manly Munchies – Wild Shabu book when clearing the Ultimate Wilderness Cooking Daydream.

The following three recipes don’t appear to count for the trophy, and they have multiple master cooks:

Paradise Parfait Recipe – Gotten from manly munchies – parfaits book in the Reverie Corridor Fifth Stratum.

Iron Man Hotpot Recipe – Gotten from Manly Munchies – Iron Man Hotpot book chest in Fifth Stratum Part 2.

Premier Shortcake Recipe –Gotten from Manly Munchies – Cake book chest in Reverie Corridor Sixth Stratum.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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