Trails Franchise Discounted on PC via Steam; Cold Skies with Crossing Bells Arriving Soon

Developer Nihon Falcom alongside publishers XSEED and NIS America have discounted the entirety of the former’s library on PC via Steam. Of those titles on sale, the localized Trails entries are all discounted for varying prices, listed below:

Various DLC items are also on sale for the aforementioned games. However, they’re merely cosmetic alterations and supplemental item add-ons; nothing significant. Further, each game listed above is discounted until May 12, 2022, save for Cold Steel III and Cold Steel IV, which are only on sale until May 8, 2022.

We have created an extensive beginner’s guide for getting into the Trails series.

Trails in the Sky is the first arc, and Cold Steel is the third, with the second arc, the Crossbell duology, finally receiving localizations from publisher NIS America for PC and all modern consoles sans Xbox. The first of the Crossbell duology, Trails from Zero, is releasing on September 27, 2022, with the latter entry, Trails to Azure, currently possessing a general 2023 release window.

Trails into Reverie is also being localized in 2023 on all of the previously mentioned platforms. This entry takes place after Cold Steel IV, the conclusion of the third story arc.

Lastly, The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails is releasing for the same platforms in 2023. This spinoff is not currently connected to any of the mainline entries.

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