Tower of Fantasy Version 3.3 Revealed in New Trailer With October Release Date

Perfect World Games is teasing version 3.3 of their action RPG Tower of Fantasy, now set to release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, mobile devices, and PC on October 24, 2023.

The update titled “A Sword Dance of Ice” takes players to Marchville, once an abundant and vibrant land, which has transformed into a wintry tundra, afflicted with the most severe Darkness invasion yet. Two massive Black Jade Ruins are located in Marshville, and many mysteries about them have been left unresolved for years.

In Marshville, you’ll find the Marshville Mansion, which serves as the headquarters for the chief of the Baihu Guards and related institutions. Given that the citizens of Marshville often confront challenging environments and intense battles, the state government located here holds significant responsibilities. Another noteworthy location in Marshville is the Tramway Terminal, which facilitates the transportation of resources and personnel to and from Marshville. Additionally, The Department of Yuheng has gained prominence in recent years for providing tactical guidance in the ongoing battle against the Darkness.

Wanderers exploring this region can anticipate a new boss and storyline in the 3.3 update. Xingtian, a high-ranking Darkness entity, is set to make an appearance in Marshville. Many sacrifices have been made to confine him within the dungeon, and now, Wanderers have the opportunity to challenge him in battle. Players can also engage in the new main story, Frost-Covered Marshville, aimed at aiding Marshville in its struggle against the Darkness and expediting the modification of the Infinite Sundial.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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