Tower of Fantasy Launches Version 3.3 on PlayStation Alongside Trick-or-Treat Event

Perfect World Games has launched version 3.3 of their action RPG Tower of Fantasy on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Further, players will find a new Halloween event available through the update.

The latest installment of the popular game Tower of Fantasy, known as Version 3.3, presents a plethora of fresh content and challenges for players to enjoy. In this release, players will confront formidable adversaries, encounter novel ecological species, and delve into the transformed landscape of Marshville, which has now been ravaged by severe Darkness disasters brought about by a relentless snowstorm.

A central feature of this update is the introduction of the enigmatic Black Jade Ruin in Marshville. This intriguing locale is teeming with unresolved mysteries from its past, luring Wanderers to explore its secrets while braving the treacherous conditions imposed by the ongoing snowstorm.

Version 3.3 introduces players to Ling Han, also known as Lady Baihu, who serves as the leader of Longjian Pavilion and acts as Marshville’s guardian. Ling Han’s demeanor is characterized by an unyielding and powerful presence as she shows no mercy to her enemies. However, beneath this tough exterior lies a heart filled with love, particularly for her predecessor and close friend, Nan Yin. Ling Han’s world is shattered when the individual she placed her utmost trust in ends up betraying her, plunging her into deep despair. Players will accompany Ling Han in her quest to protect Marshville and unearth the truth behind Nan Yin’s betrayal.

The new primary storyline, “Frost-Covered Marshville,” embarks players on a perilous journey to confront the encroaching Darkness and hasten the transformation of the Infinite Sundial. Throughout this journey, they will encounter unforeseen challenges and thrilling adventures as they strive to push back the impending darkness that threatens Marshville.

Furthermore, Version 3.3 presents an exciting Halloween event called “Trick-or-Treat” for players to enjoy. By engaging in the “Wandering Jack-O” quest, players can open pumpkin gift boxes and stand a chance to win fantastic rewards. For those seeking a more challenging experience, the “Maze of Dread” offers 8-player matches with valuable tokens as rewards. Additionally, players can explore exclusive Halloween gift packs, which include an SSR Weapon, Red Nucleus, Special Voucher, and adorable Halloween-themed avatars.

In this latest version, the guild event “Fog Reconstruction” has undergone a revamp, featuring new gameplay mechanics, multiple maps, and random events. Players are encouraged to lead their companions through this intricate maze, conquering challenges to earn exciting rewards.

With these new features and exciting updates, Tower of Fantasy Version 3.3 promises to offer an engaging and immersive gaming experience for players. They’ll have the opportunity to explore the snowstorm-ravaged Marshville, unravel its mysteries, partake in Halloween festivities, and battle against the encroaching Darkness in a thrilling gaming adventure.

We’ll keep you updated on future updates for Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, mobile devices, and PC.

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