Touken Ranbu Warriors Shows Kasen Kanesada’s Team in New Trailer

Touken Ranbu Warriors Shows Kasen Kanesada’s Team in New Trailer

Koei Tecmo has shared a new trailer for Touken Ranbu Warriors. Following up the first team’s trailer shared last month, we now get a closer look at Kasen Kanesada’s group, also known as the Second Team. The action game in Musou style will be available on the Nintendo Switch on May 24, 2022.

Touken Ranbu is a multimedia franchise about beautiful blade boys based on historical blades. They have to fight against a group of history revisionists intent on changing the past. Protecting it is the Saniwa’s mission as they work for the Government of Time. In the original strategy game, players would summon those partners through a specific gacha system where they’d spend currencies such as metals to summon it.

Touken Ranbu Warriors covers an alternative story in which the Saniwa’s base, Honmaru, is attacked. In the midst of the confusion, this leader figure is gone and only a few blades perservere in continuing at that specific point of time waiting for the Saniwa’s return. Those characters are divided into five teams and a new, mysterious blade boy called Omokage is also introduced in the game.

While the first team was composed by Mikazuki Munechika, Sengo Muramasa, and Tonbokiri, the second group has Kasen Kanesada, Ichigo Hitofuri, Namazuo Toushiro, and Hyuga Masamune. The video shares a bit of their gameplay styles and individual animations.

Kasen Kanesada is an uchigatana whose name comes from both his creator (Kanesada) and either the 36 Immortals of Poetry or the 36 retainers executed by his owner. He’s a cultured person but has a bad habit of resorting to violence easily due to being very strong.

On the other hand, Ichigo Hitofuri is a tachi (long sword) whose attitude is very kind. Though he’s usually with a smile on his face, his expression can sometimes show a glimpse of sadness. He’s adored by other members such as the Toushiro brothers.

Another member of the second team is Namazuo Toushiro, a wakizashi (short sword) refined from what was originally a small naginata. He’s part of the Toushiro brothers and has a strong personality, being a very serious person who doesn’t like dwelling in the past.

Last but not least, Hyuga Masamune is a tanto (a kind of dagger) crafted by the legendary swordsmith Masamune. His words often carry gratitude for the opportunities he’s given in life. He spent a long portion of his life in Kishu and is surprisingly skilled at making a delicacy called umeboshi (pickled plums).

If you’d like to know a little more about the game, you can check out the gameplay features video which was shared along with the First Team trailer. It showcases the specific mechanics of the action game revolving around the relationships between the boys. As groups of two characters, players have a partner who is able to help with follow-ups and counters, a special Souto Mode based on this partnership system and bonding events.

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