[UPDATE] Touhou Project 18.5 Details Revealed by ZUN; August 2022 Release Date & New Screenshots

New details on the upcoming Touhou Project game, Touhou Project 18.5, were provided via its creator, ZUN, on the series’ blog. Our team’s Ryuji has translated his latest post, viewable below. However, keep in mind that certain terms and phrases may not completely line up with ZUN’s original voice:

Chimata Tenkyuu once said: Ability cards will popularize, but quickly become obsolete, and the market will return to its usual routine soon.

However, contrary to their words, the cards only increase more and more in value.

Is someone perhaps manipulating their value? Or is it because of collectors who are buying them up somewhere? At a time when the card market was in turmoil, the black market―a market where the gods could not intervene, opened its doors.

This time, Marisa Kirisame goes out to investigate (and collect) all by herself. This is a game in which Marisa is the main character, surprisingly enough. Unlike the previous title, Touhou Kōryūdō ~ Unconnected Marketeers, you collect new cards and repeatedly challenge stages that develop at a high-paced speed and feature lots of random bullet-hell elements.

Each of them offer a short amount of playtime, so you must play them repeatedly to solve the anomalies…or collect as many cards as you can. You can play however you want, regardless of the storyline connection!

The game is planned to release on August 14th. You will be able to play it at Comiket Booth SHI-47a. Regarding platforms, the game will be on Steam and other digital storefronts. Only a little more time until it’s complete…!

Screenshots of this upcoming title are viewable via our gallery below:

UPDATE: 8/9/2022 The game’s Steam store page is now up.

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