3D Bullet Hell ‘Touhou Mechanical Scrollery’ Launches on Steam

3D Bullet Hell ‘Touhou Mechanical Scrollery’ Launches on Steam

Phoenixx Inc. announced that the Mikosan Manners developed 3D bullet hell, Touhou Mechanical Scrollery, is available now on PC-via Steam.

Touhou Mechanical Scrollery is a 3D bullet hell adventure that takes place in the Touhou universe of fanmade games. Players will need to weave through projectile and fight off robotic invaders as some of their favorite Touhou characters. During gameplay, players can assume the role of Reimu and Marisa as they venture out to stop the invading robots.

“The story will be familiar to Touhou Project fans, as we’ve reimagined Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, the 15th title in the main series, in 3D,” said Shokutaku no G, co-founder, Mikosan Manners. “The members of our team bonded at university over our love of the Touhou Project series, and we thought it only fitting our first game should combine the beauty and power of modern game development with that beloved franchise to make an unrivaled 3D bullet hell experience.”

Touhou Mechanical Scrollery features an equipment upgrade system, along with special abilities, dodging, and the use of Spell Cards.

The publisher also released a trailer showing the game’s characters and the world to give players a preview of this adventure.

You can watch the trailer below:

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