Touhou Luna Nights Nintendo Switch Publisher Becoming Playism Tomorrow

Playism has announced that it will become the sole publisher of the Nintendo Switch version of the 2D action Touhou fan game Touhou Luna Nights from July 1, 2023, onward.

Phoenixx is currently listed as the Switch publisher for this title, developed by WSS playground and Team Ladybug.

The following message was provided regarding the publisher change:

“Thanks to the support from fans, Touhou Luna Nights has been played on Steam for 4 years and 4 months, and on the Nintendo Switch for 2 years and 6 months.

When the game was released on the Nintendo Switch, we did so alongside Phoenixx Inc., who also provided us with console porting support.

However, in order to merge the customer support channels into one and streamline the process, PLAYISM will become the sole publisher of the game starting from July 1, 2023.

With this change, PLAYISM will become the publisher and customer support window for Touhou Luna Nights on all platforms: Steam, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

This will not change anything about the game’s content, and players can continue to play the games as usual with their existing game data, so Switch players have no need to worry.

Thank you, and we hope you will continue to support Touhou Luna Nights.”

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Touhou Luna Nights is a Japanese 2D action-exploration game starring Sakuya Izayoi from the Touhou Project series. Players will use Sakuya’s power of controlling time and proficiency in hardcore knight battles to get through any trouble that stands in her way. Additionally, the Touhou Project’s “Grazing” system has been implemented to allow players to recover HP and MP by getting as close to enemies as possible.

Touhou Luna Nights is also available on PC via Steam, Windows, and Xbox One.

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