Touhou Dungeon Maker: The labyrinth of heart Revealed in Trailer; Coming to Steam in 2024

Alliance Arts released the new trailer for the Unknown X-developed dungeon maker adventure Touhou Dungeon Maker: The Labyrinth of Heart, in development for PC via Steam for a 2024 release.

Touhou Dungeon Maker: The Labyrinth of Heart is a dungeon management RPG that combines elements of roguelikes and tower defense games. Players are tasked with creating and managing their own dungeons, where they strengthen characters, set traps, and fend off large numbers of enemies. The goal is to survive for 100 days following an attack, during which players will unravel the mysteries of the magical dungeon.

In the game’s narrative, mysterious dungeons suddenly start appearing across Gensokyo, causing mental derangement and unleashing countless phantoms of girls upon anyone who enters. As these dungeons threaten to engulf the land, affecting both humans and monsters, a group of girls with the unique ability to resist mental derangement and subdue illusions rises to address the crisis.

The gameplay revolves around building the ideal dungeon to withstand phantom attacks. Players can befriend characters, enhance their abilities, and lay traps to protect their dungeon. Successful defense against phantoms yields various rewards that further strengthen the dungeon. A key objective is to last for 100 days, during which players collect “mysterious graffiti” items that reveal the cause of the game’s anomalies.

Each character in Touhou Dungeon Maker: The Labyrinth of Heart possesses distinct abilities, and players can use experience points earned in the game to unlock new skills, enhancing their gameplay strategy. The game features six characters from the Touhou series, including Reisen Udongein Inaba, Satori Komeiji, and Hatano Kokoro. Officially licensed, this game is a product of the collaboration with GAMECOASTER, the creators of the smartphone application “Dungeon Maker.”

We’ll keep you updated on the development and release of Touhou Dungeon Maker: The Labyrinth of Heart.

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