Doll Battler ‘Touhou DollDraft’ Stealth Released on Steam in the West

WSS Playground announced that they have released the milliondoubts-developed Touhou DollDraft on PC-via Steam in the west. The game has gone through a few delays, but it’s finally available now.

Touhou DollDraft has players form teams of “dollified” Touhou Project characters and send them out to battle other doll-like characters. Each playable character can be made stronger by gathering other characters from the same group or putting characters who have special feelings on the same team. Further, the game supports online play with up to four players.

Each character belongs to a specific class and has its own stat values and an affinity towards other characters. The strategy of figuring out how to create your groups with this in mind is key to victory during a match.

Players can purchase dolls using in-game currency received from matches. However, every player is locked in a real-time tug-of-war for the best dolls available. Players can even choose to pay extra to steal someone’s dolls.

During encounters, players take turns engaging in two 1 vs. 1 battles. After that, players continue picking dolls and fighting until their HP reaches 0.

There are also story elements revolving around Alice Margatroid, who has found herself far away from Gensokyo. Similar to Alice in Wonderland, she must fight a game known as the “Doll Draft” to return home.

You can watch the trailer below:

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