Rhythm Game ‘Touhou DANMAKU KAGURA Phantasia Lost’ Coming to PC in 2023; Following Mobile Version Shut Down

Unknown X announced they are publishing and developing Touhou DANMAKU KAGURA Phantasia Lost for a PC via a Steam release in 2023.

Touhou DANMAKU KAGURA Phantasia is the revival of the mobile Danmaku Kagura series. This version of the game has been updated and expanded for the PC release. The mobile version is set to shut down today, but this version will bring all the tracks and gameplay to PC. Many of the songs from the original will return, as will the Mitama Cards, which unlock characters featuring illustrations by fan-favorite creators like Yuu Kamiya and Negi Haruba.

The game has been optimized for a controller and keyboard and mouse. Players can play through a story mode where Reimu and friends must restore Gensokyo, the land where humans and yokai of the Touhou Realm coexist after it is ravaged by a mysterious cataclysm. The story was written by Jin Fujisawa and Wakano Takeda of Story Note Co.

“Thanks to the support of everyone who played the game and made their voices heard we were able to make the PC version of Touhou DANMAKU KAGURA Phantasia Lost a reality,” said JYUNYA, founder, Unknown X. “We will bring as many of the songs and Mitama Cards as we can to the Steam version, along with unreleased ones and brand-new content. Please wishlist the game on Steam, and keep an eye out for further ways you can support the project.”

You can watch the streaming trailer below:

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