Total War: Three Kingdoms Shows Environments and Story Details in New Trailer

Sega released a new trailer for the Creative Assembly developed action strategy game Total War: Three Kingdoms, coming to PC on March 7.

The cinematic trailer shows the many environments where battles will soon take place in a more peaceful state. The region has been infected by power-hungry warlords who are not fighting for control of China’s future. These peaceful settings will soon be merely the backdrop for the “bloodiest period in ancient Chinese history.”

Zhuge Liang, a strategist, is seeking out a master who isn’t bound by greed and almost gives up hope until he meets Liu Bei. Together they will shape the landscape of Chine and restore it to harmony.

In Total War: Three Kingdoms, players will be able to employ new tradeable assets as leverage in negotiations, including ancillary items and character, food supplies, and territory. Players will also be able to haggle and find the best deal available or perhaps saber-rattle other warlords to accept their terms.

You can watch the new cinematic trailer below:

Author’s take: This is an interesting time period to choose from and one that I’m curious to see in terms of unit types and weaponry available. This was a time of honor so I’d like to know how that’s reflected in the game.

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