Total War: Three Kingdoms Details Rewritten Diplomacy System in New Video

Sega released a new trailer for the Creative Assembly developed fantasy war strategy Total War: Three Kingdoms, coming to PC on March 6, 2019.

The video details the game’s diplomacy system that players have access to during the game’s campaign. This system has been rewritten from the ground up to introduce new tools to the players in order to give them the freedom over their ruling, which brings on a host of new outcomes.

Players will be able to employ new tradeable assets as leverage in negotiations, including ancillary items and character, food supplies, and territory. Players will also be able to haggle and find the best deal available or perhaps saber-rattle other warlords to accept their terms.

The Diplomacy system has been made to be a more powerful tool to the players and allows them to build relations, manipulate opinions, and form alliances.

Additionally, the developer has also created a developer blog which gives even more details about the system and what they have done to it for this iteration of the series.

You can watch both parts of the video series below:


Author’s take: I have played a handful of Total War games, and I’ll just let you know, I suck at them. I’m a terrible commander and probably am more suited to be on the front line than to be sending these tropes to their deaths. However, these games are always pretty cool.

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