Ten of Our Favorite Games Shown During E3 2021 Day 3

Day 3 of E3 2021 was a tough sell for many because there weren’t too many games announced, but we’re still here for it to give you 10 games announced today. So if you missed out on Day One and Day Two, please be sure to check it out. Now, let’s get to the games:

Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties

Plumbers Dont Wear Ties

Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties initially released on 3D0 and PC, in a limited capacity, and stars two characters just looking for love. The game follows Jane and John, who are both single.

This is a narrative adventure game where players watch scenes play out and sometimes make choices that affect the story’s outcome. Unfortunately, the game has censored content, which may not make it into this new version. A few scenes where a man in management says that the girl needs to take her clothes off to get a job are present.

Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties will release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

River City Girls Zero

River City Girls Zero

Known as Shin Nekketsu Koha: Kunio-Tachi no Banka in Japan, River City Girls Zero first released in 1994 on Super Famicom and is the fourth game in the Kunio-Kun series. The gameplay follows Kunio and Riki, imprisoned in a juvenile correction facility after being caught in a hit and run. Strange events begin to occur at school while they are locked up, and the two girls are confident that they are innocent of any wrongdoing. However, given that they were framed, the timing seems all too perfect, so they’ll need to escape prison and figure it out.

River City Girls Zero will release on Nintendo Switch.

River City Girls 2

River City Girls 2

River City Girls 2 picks up after the original, Misako and Kyoko will return as the main characters along with Kunio, Riki, and more. The game will feature beat ‘em’ up systems where players will fight their way throughout the streets. There will be new moves, new recruits, and new environments to fight through. Additionally, there is a return of an old foe that has yet to be announced. This version will feature two-player co-op gameplay, both local and online.

River City Girls 2 will release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Fuga: Melodies of Steel

Fuga: Melodies of Steel

The gameplay of this title has players follow an order of actions. In the game, the player’s arsenal is a tank with a Machine Gun that can delay an enemy’s turn, Cannon, which weakens enemy armor, and Heavy Cannon, which does heavy damage. Players will be able to position their characters within each turn and, depending on the character; there will be a special effect. Special effects include Heavy Shot, Armor Break, Multi-shot and more, and this differs from character to character. At the end of each battle, players will be ranked.

Fuga: Melodies of Steel will launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC-via Steam on July 29, 2021

Dark Deity

Dark Deity

Dark Deity takes inspiration from classic Fire Emblem as players command heroes to reshape a war-torn land. The game will feature 28 chapters of turn-based strategic combat where players will position their characters throughout the battle. In addition, characters can master 54 classes, each featuring their own skills and capabilities in battles. Further, the game will support bonding events with the characters to evolve their relationship with over 400 different conversation scenes.

Dark Deity is coming to PC-via Steam.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin

Explore the world of Monster Hunter, this time not as a hunter but as a rider. You are the grandchild of Red, whose monster was Guardian Ratha. After meeting Ena, a wyvern girl who knew Red. They decide to leave the island together to protect the egg that was entrusted to her. At the same time, investigating the mysterious environmental abnormalities that are happening, the egg hatches. A small flightless Rathalos with small wings emerges from it.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is coming to the Switch and Steam on July 9, 2021,

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

These titles are prequels to the Ace Attorney franchise at large, taking place in the 19th century during Japan’s Meiji Period and England’s Victorian era. Players will take control of protagonist Ryunosuke Naruhodo, “an up-and-coming defense attorney studying at a legal academy.” He is also the ancestor of the series most well-known protagonist, Phoenix Wright.

Players will investigate 10 criminal cases to expose lies and seek the truth with comrades such as legal assistant Susato Mikotoba and detective Herlock Sholmes. Gameplay will be rather familiar for veterans of the series, though some new mechanics can keep progression fresh. One such mechanic, the newly introduced “Dance of Deduction,” consists of players working in tandem with Herlock Sholmes to identify contradictions, uncovering more truths about the cases at large.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is releasing for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on July 27, 2021.

Bloodrayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites

Bloodrayne Betrayal Fresh Bites

Bloodrayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites is a bloody and intense hack ‘n slash with femme fatale protagonist Rayne voiced by the legendary Laura Bailey with new voiced lines. Troy Baker is also returning with his own new voiced dialogue. Players will contend with several deadly traps engulfed within the terrain, dangerous foes, and exhilarating bosses in the midst of Rayne’s last assigned job.

Bloodrayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites is releasing for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this Summer digitally. This is an updated, remastered release with 4K visuals and new voice acting.

Axiom Verge 2

Axiom Verge 2 3

At this point, we’re just happy to get any update from this game. So, to know that it’s still in development and getting a physical release is awesome news. There was a bit of controversy about the physical release of Axiom Verge, if I remember correctly, between Limited Run Games and a separate physical game publisher, so there’s some history in this relationship.

Axiom Verge 2 is in development for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

Knockout Home Fitness

Knockout Home Fitness

Known as FiNC Home Fit in Japan, Knockout Home Fitness has players grab the Joy-Con controllers and start a workout program. There are 60 courses available, with options to do 15-minute workouts (there’s even a 3-minute Fitness Mode). In addition, players can track progress through a “My Report” feature, and there are four personality-driven trainers available to coach players through the burn.

Knockout Home Fitness is coming to Nintendo Switch this Fall.

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