Top Five Updates Found in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Considering that we are just a week away from the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, I feel the need to share five of the most significant updates added to the remaster. Being a fan of the series and spending many hours exploring the universe has me eager to see what these quality-of-life changes can bring. You’ll probably notice that most of these changes appear in the original game, but it’s my list so let me know what updates you’re looking forward to in the comment below.

Sprinting in the Citadel

Mass Effect Legendary Edition 3

This is easily considered the worst part of the original game as you can spend hours just roaming the halls looking for every quest and keeper. Even an optimized run can take an hour to do everything in the citadel when you first get to it.

In Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you get the option to sprint through everything as Shepard isn’t stuck to only walking everywhere. I mean, yeah, it looks weird and is probably rude to all the NPCs in the area. However, this change can save you some major time.

Mark items in inventory as junk

Manage your inventory takes up quite a bit of time during a typical playthrough, especially with how many items are available. There are weapon mods, armor mods, ammo mods, four different weapon categories, and three different armor types split between three races.

Needless to say, your inventory can get full pretty fast, but you can break stuff down into Omni-gel, which is an essential resource, or you can sell it. In the original, you had to do this one by one, which was time-consuming. However, in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, there is the option to mark items as junk and get rid of everything all at once. Finally, a way to effectively manage your inventory without needing to spend all that time actually managing it.

We no longer need the multiplayer and app for the best ending

Mass Effect Legendary Edition 1

This following change is specific to Mass Effect 3 and the Readiness Meter. To get the best ending, you needed to do side missions to add to the Milky Way’s firepower. However, even doing everything in the game itself didn’t mean much if you weren’t playing it in multiplayer, which lowered your readiness by a whopping 50% if ignored.  This forced players to engage with the multiplayer suite, which was fun but didn’t make sense considering the single-player structure of the series.

Now, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is making it, so all you need to do is play through the entire trilogy while raising your score through your playthrough. This means that if you skipped the previous two entries and go straight to Mass Effect 3, you would find that you need to do more but not needing these two outside resources helps out a ton.

The level cap is 60 from the start

Mass Effect Legendary Edition 2

Mass Effect had two separate level caps. The first playthrough capped you at 50, and then a New Game+ brought it up to 60. This is a significant change cause in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you can max out your character on the first run if you do everything in the game. Meaning you don’t have to go through a second playthrough to get the maximum bonus experience in Mass Effect 2.

Better Mako Physics

Mass Effect Legendary Edition 4

The original Mass Effect tried its hand at free planet exploration, driving a buggy called the Mako. The Mako was a glorified space ATV that handled like a confused goose on top of a frozen lake. Planet exploration was one of the most hated parts of the game and was completely removed from the sequel. Changing the physics to make it less of a chore. This is nice because you have to do planet exploration to get that elusive 100 percent.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin and Steam on May 14, 2021.

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