Top 10 Yuri Manga for Your Enjoyment

Yuri manga has recently seen a huge spike of available translated work. Adapting to both recent trends and modern genres, accessibility to enjoyable yuri manga for all is at a premium.

10. Strawberry Fields Once Again

Strawberry Fields Once Again Vol. 1

Akira Kouno prefers being alone and consumes her life with otome video games until a strange girl named Pure transfers to her class proclaiming that she is her wife from the future. This shakes up Akira’s world and pushes her outside of her comfort zone as she explores the possibilities that any of this could be true.

Strawberry Fields Once Again provides a blend of romance and mystery as we learn more about these characters and their unique situations. We explore themes of dependency, loss, and identity as Akira tries to wrap her head around what exactly is going on with her reality. Its romance can stem from a few dark places, but it ultimately creates a light-hearted and playfully narrative fueled by the desire to know the truth.

9. Superwomen in Love! Rapid Rabbit and Honey Trap

The alien villain Honey Trap has finally defeated superhero Rapid Rabbit, only to find that the defender of justice is just her type! Subsequently, Honey Trap gets thrown out of her evil organization and begins her journey to become a valuable partner to Rapid Rabbit – in more ways than one.

Superwomen in Love serves as an absurd vehicle to observe the relationship building between Rapid Rabbit and Honey Trap. While the fights are interesting and funny with their ridiculous scenarios, the main appeal is Honey Trap’s blatant attempts at furthering her relationship with Rapid Rabbit. While relatively new, some overarching conflicts may expand this manga’s world in the future.

8. I’m in Love With the Villainess

Rei finds herself mysteriously transported to her favorite Otome game, Revolution! This game has intricate magic systems, tangled political plots, and a social system that looks down on the lower class. Despite this, Rei finds herself a lovely time, netting accomplishments swimmingly due to her expansive game knowledge. She could have any of the three Otome protagonists for herself… except she pines for her favorite character Claire instead, a snobby noble who is defeated at the end of the game!

Villainess gives a taste of isekai paired with great world-building. Rei is embarrassingly sweet, and Claire is great fun to poke fun at. The otome protagonists are humorously standard, making it all the better when they get shot down by Rei. Villainess acts as a great bridge between otome and isekai fans to the yuri genre.

7. Yuri is My Job!

Hime is the princess of her school, but in reality, she only wants to marry rich! But after she accidentally breaks the arm of a local maid café owner, she is obligated to work as a lovelorn maid in a themed maid café. Hime comes to realize that everyone has a mask to wear, and it may be more difficult than expected to juggle more than one.

Yuri is My Job! is reminiscent of “Class-S” Shojo Ai, but wholly embraces yuri as its main theme. The layers of love hidden between the social niceties necessary to achieve Hime’s dream of a comfortable life are intriguing to watch fall off.


6. Adachi and Shimamura

The namesake pair of school delinquents have a chance to meet while skipping class. Together, they start moving towards healthier lifestyles and how to properly handle their awkward feelings.

Adachi and Shimamura has sprouted and grew fantastically with a light novel, anime, and manga, all within a short period. With interactions that could only be described as “adorkable,” this manga has you covered for your fluffy, slice-of-life yuri needs.

5. “Kase-san and…” Series

Kase san
Yamada tends the gardens at her high school, all the while pining for the cool and sporty Kase. They quickly realize that perhaps there is a mutual feeling of attraction between them.

The “Kase-san” series may seem like a standard high school yuri affair, but its quick clip proves otherwise. Rather than banking on the drama of a “will they or won’t they” mechanic, feelings are swiftly confirmed, and the tone moves on to delve into their budding relationship instead.

4. Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon

Hinako lives her life to obtain “normalcy,” and to that end, she dabbles in fashion and makeup. Predictably, she is the ball of her office workplace, but it still doesn’t bring her joy. Enter Sato, a new worker whose cool demeanor grabs Hinako’s attention.

Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon is the core representative of the newly minted “workplace yuri” trend. Moving beyond high school tropes, it blends mature themes of practical desires and the emotion between adults.

3. Girl Friends (And every other Milk Morinaga manga)

Mari starts out socially inept, but with the help of her queen bee classmate Akko, she begins to flourish in school life. But those feelings of admiration for Akko’s prowess turn into romantic interest, which conflicts with her idea of the perfect, popular girl.

Girl Friends, along with other work Hina & Hana After School and Secret of the Princess, are all classic yuri works by Milk Morinaga. While these manga are largely the same type of “school yuri,” they have the fundamentals to become the exemplar of yuri from back in the day.

2. Bloom Into You


Bloom into You explores the turmoil of Yuu and Touko as they discover what they truly desire. Yuu has never fallen in love and wants to find out what that feels like, but Touko wants someone she can love that won’t love her back. Seemingly the perfect match, this odd relationship provides insight into what exactly makes up identity.

Bloom is the quintessential yuri manga that addresses every issue regarding the drama side of the genre. Miscommunication is at a minimum, and the cast is believable and with their own strife. A standout character is Sayaka, who has received an entire light novel series of her own.

1. Kashimashi ~ Girl Meets Girl ~

kashimashi girl meets girl vol 1
Kashimashi starts swiftly with Hazumu declaring his love to the star of his class, Yasuna. Having been rejected, he climbs a nearby mountain – and gets killed by a landing UFO! In accordance with this galaxy’s laws, the alien must bring him back to life… but cannot do so perfectly. As such, Hazuma comes back to life, but this time, as a girl. This will cause waves in his relation to his childhood friend Tomari, who has had a crush on him for years, and Yasuna, who is only interested in girls.

Kashimashi masterfully balances each character’s emotions by making sure they are present whenever possible. The cast expands outwards to Hazuma’s family and friends, and seeing their reactions to her sudden change are heartwarming and humorous.

Yuri manga has a brisk pace of translation nowadays due to the efforts of many companies in acquiring them. The classics remain great and pave the way for new and fascinating variations to the genre. Noisy Pixel would love to hear your opinions on yuri manga, as well as your favorites and newcomers!

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