Top 10 Waifus From The Ys Series

The Ys franchise boasts bountiful babes, with each entry adding more to the impressive roster. Having played just about every game in the series, I took it upon myself to rank which girls are my favorite on a waifu scale, similar to what we have priorly done for the Tales of and Shin Megami Tensei franchises.

It was honestly a rather arduous task since there are tons of fantastic girls, but I think I’ve finally managed to decide which 10 Ys girls are my favorite and in what order. So, with that being said, let’s dive into this likely controversial list.

10. Aisha


Aisha originates from Ys Seven, and I have a soft spot for her because of that. Not only was Ys Seven my first Ys title, but it was also my first Falcom game entirely. She and the rest of the cast always make me feel nostalgic. However, as a character, I find Aisha to be legitimately compelling. She faces tremendous growth during Ys Seven and becomes a truly capable princess on the other end. Tsunderes can be endearing too, and Aisha fits that bill nicely. She’s admittedly not my cup of tea appearance-wise, though I’m willing to look past that for a great girl overall.

I had difficulty juggling this placement between Aisha and Leeza, but I could not find adequate reasoning for placing the latter instead since I legitimately don’t remember her characterization or personality.

9. Karna

Ys MoC Karna

Karna is one of the few standout characters from Celceta that I grew attached to. While a tad airheaded, she doesn’t let her faults bring her down and fuels herself with determination to accomplish her goals. As seen in several of her interactions with Adol, she’s adorable, and a multi-faceted personality is always enticing. Further, her attire is a stellar mix of revealing and reserved, leaving much to the imagination.

8. Frieda

Ys MoC Frieda

Yet another girl from Celceta I’ve chosen is Frieda, an elegant lady who emits evident maturity in her poise and attitude. While she does possess a sense of humor, which is a plus in it of itself, she also knows how to remain composed and does what needs to be done. As if that wasn’t enough, her looks alone should speak for itself. Sometimes less is more, and her outfit simultaneously tells one all they need to know about her appeal while still being completely covered. A truly genius design.

7. Reah

Reah ys1c

So, this is a super controversial pick since Feena is the more beloved of the Goddess twins, and Reah here is the only one of the duo I chose for this list. To be completely honest, I don’t entirely understand the love for Feena. After recently replaying Ys I, II, and Origin, she doesn’t receive all that much screen time, and all that I can really say about her is that she’s cute. Feena has never left much of an impression on me, contrary to many other fans. On the other hand, Reah is a character I grew to respect and appreciate far more, especially after numerous playthroughs of Ys Origin.

While usually depicted in somber tones due to context, Reah undoubtedly understands the strife of love and what it takes to embrace it, even when in the throes of hardship. Aside from her appealing design, her stances for her beliefs when in the face of danger warmed my heart to a degree where I was almost brought to tears by Ys Origin’s conclusion. If she’s not a worthy waifu candidate, then I don’t know who is. Her romance with Toal is genuinely heartbreaking through and through.

6. Lilia

Ys Lilia

To be blunt, Lilia is just really damn sweet. I can’t quite pinpoint why I became so smitten with her throughout Ys II, but just the way she pushes herself even when enduring illness is inspiring. Ironically, I suppose the way she’s treated isn’t entirely different than Feena, so I’m being an undeniable hypocrite. Still, I’ll just have to accept the fact that I simply really like Lilia, even if for reasons I don’t fully understand.

5. Yufa

Ys IX Raging Bull

Yufa is the girl I remember the most from Ys IX, and I’ll be unabashedly honest here; it’s because of her design. Her human appearance is beautiful, but her Monstrum attire ended up hitting a few kinks I never knew I had. While undeniably superficial, Yufa’s gorgeous looks stood out to me from the moment I first saw her in-game.

Additionally, she is one of the few, if not the only Ys girl who is already in a committed relationship. This shows that not only can she handle being in a relationship, but she also knows how to respect herself and her partner appropriately. Her husband really got a keeper. There is also something undeniably enticing about a kind and compassionate girl wielding comically destructive power, which is probably TMI. Moving on…

4. Zava

ys origin conceptart sIcQh

I fully admit that I’m going off the deep end here. I mean, Zava? Really? Well, maybe it’s already obvious I’m a masochist. Regardless, Zava is undoubtedly the most unconventional pick for this list. She’s a highly cold-hearted antagonist throughout Ys Origin, even killing Roy during Yunica’s route. However, not only are S-girls my kind of thing but there are potentially deeper layers to her character I’ve come to infer.

She seems desperate to appeal to Dalles, either out of love or dedication, which depicts genuine vulnerability. I like to believe she just yearns to be wanted, and if under the right circumstance and influence, she could probably be a great person. That’s all just me guessing, though. At the end of the day, it’s difficult for me to deny that I also want to be stepped on.

3. Dana

Ys VIII Dana Iclucia

Dana had to be somewhere on this list, and it should be no surprise that she’s near the top. I can’t say enough good about her as a character. She’s wholesome, perhaps to a fault, and emotionally captivating. In terms of Ys heroines, she’s the one I grew the most hooked to, primarily thanks to her individual gameplay sections throughout Ys VIII. She made me feel similarly distressed by the end of her game as Reah, just far more impactfully. And, hell, even when taking her supernatural fate into account, godly love is kind of hot.

2. Olha

Olha ys6 online

In a sense, Olha is perhaps my most humorous pick for this list, especially for how high she is. Ys VI is one of my least favorite titles in the franchise, but that’s primarily due to its gameplay design. However, personally, its cast and setting are amongst the heights of the series, and Olha is representative of all the positivity I associate with Ys VI. She’s gentle and caring, but knowing her aptitude with the bow provides a type of dual-appeal.

Her caring for her younger sister also presents an almost motherly side to her that serves to grant Olha a wide range of attraction that all somehow manages to tie into each other and work neatly. Her ears are also rather cute alongside the, uh, flimsy attire.

1. Griselda

YsC Griselda


I have no idea how Griselda is liked amongst the fandom, but she’s definitely my favorite girl in the franchise. Originating from Celceta and appearing in the later segments of Ys VIII, she’s heartfully resolute and a stark beauty to boot. I prefer her design in VIII, but she’s still an eye-catcher in Celceta. Of course, being a non-asshole political figure also grants its own set of charms. Griselda would likely make a favorable partner, even if work were a priority, and she’s the only girl on this list that I lacked any reservations in placing.

And that was my top 10 Ys waifu list. There is certainly a fair deal of bizarre picks here. Still, I feel confident in my choices. What I don’t feel confident in, though, is a Trails waifu list…

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