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Well, my friends, it’s that time once again. With The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero releasing in only a couple of months from now, I figured it was about time for another one of these particular lists. It’s been a while, but we’re diving back into our roots here.

It’s time for the Top 10 Waifus of Crossbell. Of course, this is all just whatever nonsense, so don’t take any of this seriously.

10. Fran Seeker

Fran Seeker 28Ao 29

Fran is an operator stationed at the Crossbell Police Department who provides invaluable aid to the Special Support Section. In fact, in the Crosbell iteration of Bracer Quests, Fran is the one players report to for quest completion. Now, while she’s rather kind and supportive throughout practically every avenue of the games, she doesn’t exactly stand out much when compared to the rest of the cast.

9. Wendy

Wendy 28Sen III29

Wendy is a minor NPC who acts as the engineer at Genten Orbal Store in Crossbell’s Central Square. There isn’t much to say about her character aside from being a childhood friend of the protagonist, Lloyd Bannings, and being a stubbornly dedicated worker. Wendy’s spot on this list primarily results from being one of the series’ recognizable and pleasant shop vendors.

8. Bennet

Bennette 28Sen III29

Bennet works at Crosbell’s West Street as a baker at the Morges Bakery and is the shop owner’s daughter. She intensely yearns to be a consummate bread baker, to the extent where it causes her genuine distress when that goal is impeded in any notable way. Additionally, Bennet harbors not-so-subtle feelings for her co-worker Oscar while also seeing him as a rival. Her placement on this list is thanks to her admirable dedication to her craft and endearing personality.

7. Sonya Baelz

Sonya Baelz 28Ao29

Sonya is a prominent member of the Crossbell Guardian Force (CGF) and acts as the Deputy Commander for Tangram Gate. She is efficient at her job, essentially being the ideal model for several of her subordinates, including Noel Seeker. Her maturity and inherent desire to do good for Crossbell earn her a spot on this list.

6. Rixia Mao

Rixia Mao 28Zero Evo 29

Rixia Mao is a new arrival to Crossbell who finds herself joining Arc en Ciel, a beloved theater troupe that consistently performs in Crossbell’s Entertainment District. Rixia holds her fair share of massive secrets, but she’s relatively justified in keeping them for as long as she’s able to. More importantly, she means well, gradually becoming a close ally and friend to the Special Support Section. And, uh, her design certainly played a part in this placement.

5. Noel Seeker

Noel Seeker 28Ao29

Noel is a member of the Crossbell Guardian Force (CGF), acting as a leading Major. She also frequently collaborates with Sonya and is the older sister of Fran Seeker. Noel can be best described as dutiful, feeling rather conscientious toward her assigned tasks. Moreover, she possesses a charming love for cars, and her hat is cute. Is her hat enough of a factor to place her as number 5? The answer might surprise you…

4. Ilya Platiere

Ilya Platiere 28Ao29

Ilya is undeniably the most famous Arc en Ciel troupe member, being an intimidatingly skilled dancer who constantly enriches the stage. Alongside that commendable facet, Ilya is also a fantastic instructor to her fellow troupe members, showcasing her respectable desire to grow Arc en Ciel as much as possible. Additionally, she is shown to be incredibly courageous against threats that put her life in peril, easily earning her this spot on the list.

3. Elie MacDowell

Elie MacDowell 28Sen IV29

Elie is the granddaughter of Crossbell’s mayor, joining the Special Support Section in an effort to learn more about herself and how to bring true peace to Crossbell. She is well-traveled, well-read, and extraordinarily benevolent while wholeheartedly embracing her goals. Still, she also engages in humorous tomfoolery with the cast, especially with Randy and Lloyd. Elie’s placement on this list results from her accomplished personage and yearnings for self-improvement. Lastly, similar to Rixia, her design played an indisputable role in this placement.

2. Cecile Neues

Cecile Neues 28Ao29

Cecile works as a nurse at St. Ursula Medical College, being one of the more popular workers thanks to her seemingly angelic kindness. While she lacks the prominence of the more core cast, Cecile perfectly fits the criteria of this list with her unprejudiced perceptions and willingness to look for the goodness in people. Additionally, she silently boasts the capacity to remain calm in times of crisis, and her occasional featherbrained antics create an appealing contrast.

1. Mariabell Crois

Mariabell Crois 28Ao29

I will not elaborate.

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