Top 10 Shin Megami Tensei V Demon Waifus

Shin Megami Tensei is probably not the first game series you think of regarding waifus, but there are plenty of attractive female demons worthy of the title. Of course, each of them could probably kill you whenever they felt like it. But, hey, that just adds to the thrill of life.

The following is a personal top 10 waifu list from the revealed demons in Shin Megami Tensei V. Just as an FYI, the only SMT games I’ve ever completed are IV and Nocturne, so I’m not judging them based on any potential game-related story importance. Additionally, apologies for the inconsistent image sizes for the demons.

Leanan Sidhe

Leanan Sidhe 28O.A.29

Leanan Sidhe is a notably dangerous demon to get together with since she leads artists to death and madness. Still, she does grant them a semblance of inspiration and fulfillment, so it isn’t purely suffering. Plus, she’s definitely a beauty, and her adopted human appearance amplifies the appeal of her original fairy form all the more. In essence, she’d likely toy with whoever gets involved with her considering the implications of the relationship, but some people are into that, like me.



Yaksini is a famous demon due to her rather shapely appearance, so her being on this list isn’t too surprising. Her battle prowess and kind attitude are also attractive traits to have. Unfortunately, there isn’t much perceived depth with this demon, though I like to imagine she’d be a great waifu based on what information is provided.

Ame no Uzume


Ame no Uzume is the Japanese goddess of meditation and the arts, making her calm and creative. Additionally, her ploy to get Amaterasu out of hiding depicts her as sly and courageous. Coupling those endearing traits with her revealing and exotic appearance, and she sounds like a keeper if she grows attached to you. While her face isn’t usually visible, that just adds to her charm and mystique.



Parvati is the Hindu goddess of love, marriage, and devotion, which honestly makes her a very literal waifu. When taking her role as a goddess in mind alongside her adorable appearance, you could make do with much worse in this horrifying demon roster. Though her degree of devotion is concerning considering how she took her own life as Sati, hopefully, a wholesome relationship would aid in her realizing her self-worth.


Ishtar 28P O.A.29

Ishtar is the Akkadian goddess of love, lust, and war. She is likely equally, if not more dangerous, to become romantically involved with than Leanan Sidhe due to her attitude and practices. She was sexually involved with several notable heroes who were all either slain or turned into animals by her. However, she was also known to be aggressive and battle-hungry, which is pretty attractive in its own way, at least to me. Her design is nothing to scoff at either, leaving little to the imagination.


SMT V Idun

Idun is a new demon introduced in Shin Megami Tensei V, and well, I think her being here is justified. She is primarily placed here because of her enchanting design, like a matured version of Red Riding Hood. Maintaining youthful appearances for fellow gods and goddesses is her duty, and that responsibility plausibly makes her knowledgeable on taking care of herself physically. Further, her expression seems delightfully provocative.


Cybele Devil Summoner Art

Cybele is the motherly deity of Phrygia, already making her attitude and personality inviting and open-minded. While there isn’t much solidified information on her, Cybele’s design is one of my favorites in the series as it’s obscene and leaves just a slight degree of imagination to make her consistently seductive.


1150253 scathach



Nuwa Render

Nuwa is a new demon introduced in Shin Megami Tensei V, and she is the Chinese goddess of creation who made humanity, though iterations vary in her relation to creation. I’m pretty sure everyone has at least seen Nuwa in the midst of SMT V’s promotion, as she’s certainly made a lasting impression. While I’m unaware of her characterization or involvement in the story, she is rather attractive, even when considering her seemingly maniacal aggression. And, while her boss form with the enormous snake emitting from her head is legitimately frightening, something is appealing about that danger.


Anahita SJR Art

Anahita is probably a random choice for a top pick, but to be honest, her demon design is my favorite in the series. It meshes with her role as a river deity and manages to make her human-like appearance unique. And I mean, looking at her alone should provide sufficient reason alone. Anahita’s design is incredibly suggestive in a similar case to Cybele, but there is just enough left to the imagination. I guess I’m a simple man to please.


And that is my top 10 demon waifu list for Shin Megami Tensei V. This was a rather arduous list to form due to how many demons are in this game alone. It took me half a dozen hours to finalize my picks, but I’m reasonably confident in them, for as weird as they are.

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