Top 10 Resident Evil Waifus From Someone Who Doesn’t Know The Games

It is time for another assuredly contentious and ultimately meaningless waifu ranking list. This time, I’m tackling Resident Evil, a franchise I know almost nothing about. Admittedly, I played through Resident Evil 4 as a young teen. Still, I barely recall the vast majority of it, and all I know about the rest of the series is essentially random, occasional exposure from trailers and screenshots.

Horror isn’t my thing, but I was recently informed by other staff members that there are some attractive women throughout these games, so I figured why the hell not make this list. So, I read up on brief profiles for each of these girls’, vaguely learning of their circumstances and personalities to better assess my placements, however off-base they might be.

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10. Alex Wesker (Resident Evil: Resistance)

Resident Evil 1

Based on what I read from the wiki, Alex is a bigshot in the Umbrella organization, a massive group I know has a lasting presence throughout the series. She seems like an antagonist based on her poise, though I obviously don’t know for sure. However, based on how she was apparently worshipped like a goddess, I decided she was a suitable placement on this list when taking her good looks into account.

9. Rebecca Chambers (Resident Evil Zero)

Resident Evil 2

Just one glance at Rebecca’s wiki page was a lot, as she seems to have been a part of multiple organizations as well as being some sort of child prodigy with science. I don’t know anything specific about her, but she looks cute, and intelligence is attractive.

8. Mia Winters (Resident Evil 7)

Resident Evil 3

To be completely transparent here, I vaguely know of Mia solely due to the sheer hype that surrounded Resident Evil 7 when it launched. I don’t entirely know her characterization except that she seems to have been part of some governmental conspiracy. I’m willing to bet that every girl on this list is similar in that way. Regardless, I saw a render of her lovingly holding a baby and figured she must end up reasonably alright. I’m guessing she’s genuinely kind and well-meaning but has a good chunk of skeletons in the closet. Then again, don’t we all?

7. Ingrid Hannigan (Resident Evil 4)

Hannigan RE 6


So, here’s where I’m cheating a bit since I have played Resident Evil 4, and Hannigan frequently appears throughout the game as Leon’s support. While she’s highly professional and tries not to let personal feelings cloud her judgment, she isn’t emotionless or stoic. Plus, being stern provides its own notable charms.

6. Jessica Sherawat (Resident Evil: Revelations)

Resident Evil

I’ll be honest, I only saw Jessica in her wetsuit render and concluded that yeah, she’s going to be on this list somewhere. That’s essentially the only reason she’s on here, I’m afraid.

5. Helena Harper (Resident Evil 6)

Resident Evil 4

As a character debuting in the collectively bashed Resident Evil 6, Helena undoubtedly receives her fair share of hate. Still, as someone who has no idea how bad that game actually is, I find her pretty appealing despite how justified any hatred might be. She is pretty hot and seems to have been through a lot based on the assassination and CIA involvement I skimmed. Just hoping she has a genuinely kind interior.

4. Alcina Dimitrescu (Resident Evil 8)

Resident Evil 5

I mean, I feel like this legend had to be included on this list somewhere. Sure, she becomes some weird dragon monstrosity, but her prior, marketed form took the internet by storm, and for good reasons. She’s tall and dominant, which is sometimes all you need.

3. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)

Resident Evil 6

I don’t know much about Jill, but I see her in fanart quite often, probably meaning that she’s rather well-liked. She debuted in the first Resident Evil game and even appeared in Fortnite. I don’t have any particular reasons for why she’s on this list, nor why she’s so high, but I think internet osmosis has already made me like her. She’s one of the characters I first think of whenever Resident Evil is brought up, and she’s pretty hot, so that’s a plus.

2. Ada Wong (Resident Evil 4)

Resident Evil 7

Even I know Ada Wong. She is in Resident Evil 4, though I truthfully barely recall what she did in that title. From what I read, Ada is an enigmatic beauty, and there’s an undeniable appeal to be found in that. Further, there is a gamble to be taken if siding with her as she always pursues her own personal interests, and that chance is part of life’s thrill.

1. Claire Redfield (Resident Evil 2)

Resident Evil 8

I know this must be a lukewarm finale, but Claire is up here for reasons remotely similar to Jill, except on a grander scale. Like almost every other girl on this list, she’s competent physically and mentally, so she’s not entirely unique in that regard. Still, I can’t help but find her charming. The brief clips I’ve seen of her in Resident Evil 2 make her out to be an inherently kind person, though caught up in unfortunate circumstances. To be entirely honest, she alone makes me want to try Resident Evil 2 Remake at least, and maybe I will…


And that is my ‘definitive’ Resident Evil waifu list as someone who knows almost nothing about these games. I wouldn’t take any of this seriously, especially as I don’t know any of these characters well. It was a fun task, though. If I play these games, these rankings would definitely change.

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