Top 10 JRPG Waifu Protagonists

Top 10 JRPG Waifu Protagonists

JRPGs are full of girls many would consider ‘waifu’ material. We’ve made several waifu lists focusing on specific franchises, but I’ve decided to open up the gates a bit with a list comprising several series. Female JRPG protagonists are not as frequent as guys, but they’re still quite a bit to choose from. The following list is of JRPG protagonists we consider top waifu material, though the rankings were admittedly difficult to conclude.

10. Aya Brea

Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve isn’t a traditional JRPG, but we’re still deciding to consider it one. Its protagonist, Aya, goes through some shit and is quite tragic in several ways. Still, she’s a badass and admirably determined across the varied horrifying scenarios she encounters. When taking her studious mind alongside her trained physicality into account, she’s definitely worthy of being on this list. The 3rd Birthday does make things a tad murky, though, hence why she isn’t higher.

9. Shion Uzuki


Xenosaga is a criminally underrated series, and its protagonist, Shion, is even more so. She’s an inquisitive scientist who’s genuinely kindhearted despite her thirst for knowledge. One particular trait that makes her stand out is her lack of discrimination. Shion believes in equality and, most importantly, not demeaning anyone for being born or created under unfortunate circumstances. This open-mindedness and willingness to look out for others make her an ideal waifu candidate.

8. Virginia Maxwell

Wild Arms 3

Wild Arms 3 is yet another underrated JRPG starring a stellar female protagonist, Virginia Maxwell. She journeys the world for several inspiring reasons and becomes a capable leader of the party she eventually forms. Her innate sense of righteousness is also worth applauding, making her a truly fantastic protagonist that has been lost to time. Virginia’s adventurous spirit is appealing, and when melded with a congenial personality, her waifu status is indubitably clear.

7. Reisalin Stout

Atelier Ryza

Ryza being here shouldn’t be much of a surprise for as unoriginal as it is. She’s the latest new protagonist in the Atelier series, and her rather…generous design justly blew up the internet for a while. Still, aside from her bombshell appearance, Ryza’s determination to keep learning alchemy despite her mother’s disapproval is immensely respectable. Her ‘growth’ across both entries, in multiple senses of the word, is also great and earns her a spot on this list.

6. Celes Chere

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI doesn’t exactly have a central protagonist, though Celes is undeniably one of the more focal characters. She is the sole controllable character for a long while following certain events, making her a sort of pseudo-protagonist. Celes’ disillusionment with the Empire, causing her to switch sides to the Returners, shows a lot of heart. She isn’t afraid to admit that she allied herself with those she considers wrongdoers and seeks to make the world a better place in some semblance of redemption. Her desire to keep this up even after the world’s tragedy is also pretty wild. Put bluntly, Celes is one of the strongest Final Fantasy characters. As a waifu, she’s an obvious pick.

5. Zero

Drakengard 3

Ah yes, Drakengard 3, a beautifully broken yet endearing experience. The protagonist, Zero, stands out for her arrogance and frank openness with men. Those aspects, coupled with her appealing design, make her deserving of this list. However, her adept capability at being the strongest Intoner, even when compared to her sisters, is dramatically alluring. Zero is far from a conventional waifu pick, but girls who can kick ass are awesome.

4. Maya Amano

Persona 2

The Persona 2 duology is masterclass, and Maya is one of its most qualitative parts. She’s the protagonist of the second entry, Eternal Punishment, though she also plays a significant role in Innocent Sin. Even when facing severe tragedy and hardship, Maya manages to remain a kindhearted optimist at heart. Additionally, she’s a magazine reporter, a rather unique and distinct occupation for a protagonist to have, especially in the Persona series’ hindsight. Admittedly, I can’t deny that part of me has placed her here primarily due to nostalgia. Regardless, Maya was a light for the parties in both Persona 2 entries, exemplifying the endearing traits that make her a compelling waifu candidate.

3. Estelle Bright

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Here’s where my personal biases are really going to hit full force. Estelle is the protagonist of the first two Trails in the Sky games, and she is a mold-breaker in several ways. Further, her growth throughout the Sky saga and her notable appearances in later games cement her as one of the franchise’s best characters. She isn’t my favorite Trails protagonist, but she’s damn close. Estelle is a no-brainer waifu, with her Cold Steel IV appearance highlighting her beauty. Her aptitude with the bo-staff is also readily captivating and unique.

2. Aqua

Kingdom Hearts III 2

Not having Aqua at number one may be shocking for those who know me as a die-hard Kingdom Hearts fan. Still, she was going to be highly ranked regardless. Aqua may be reserved and, perhaps, a traditionalist in some ways, but her desire to keep her friends safe takes her out of her comfort zone. She literally goes through hell and back, all for the sake of the people she holds dear. If enduring the Realm of Darkness for over a decade isn’t enough to be on this list, then I don’t know what is. She also boasts a genuinely gorgeous design which cements her waifu status even more.

1. Velvet Crowe

Tales of Berseria

Having Velvet as the top pick may seem dull, though I truly could not think of anyone more personally fitting. As the protagonist of Tales of Berseria, Velvet endures trauma, the likes of which would forever ruin anyone. Yet, despite the burdens she finds herself carrying, Velvet ultimately stays true to herself and her values. She is a damn strong person in every sense of the word. Moreover, her adorable tendencies and the risque outfit contrast nicely, making her a top-tier waifu candidate I doubt anyone would disagree with.

And that was the top 10 list of JRPG waifu protagonists. While not as difficult to form as the Trails one, it still took an embarrassing amount of time. Now, who knows what the future has in store for our Top 10s…

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