New Studio ‘Too Kyo Games’ Comprised of Beloved Visual Novel Developers

New Studio ‘Too Kyo Games’ Comprised of Beloved Visual Novel Developers

The visual novel community was hit with some intriguing news this Tuesday morning when Danganronpa series creator Kazutaka Kodaka announced the creation of his new studio Too Kyo Games.

After leaving Spike Chunsoft in late 2017, many fans have been wondering what Kodaka-san has been up too and if the creator would stay in the video game industry. Well, it seems to be all that and more because his new studio’s four upcoming projects are being developed by key figures in the game development world including:

  • Director/Scenario Writer: Kotaro Uchikoshi (Zero Escape series)
  • Director: Takumi Nakazawa (Root Double)
  • Character Designer: Shimadoriru (Danganronpa series)
  • Composer: Masfumi Takada (Danganronpa series)
  • Scenario Writer: Youichirou Koizumi (Ultra Despair Hagakure)

Kazutaka Kodaka released a statement detailing his plans to do something different and new. His goal with this company is to “create new IP known across the world”. The company plans to stay independent and self-publish their titles so that they can freely create what they want to create.

Additionally, the company has already revealed four projects-via Famitsu: three video games and one anime.

  • Project one: A Kodaka and Uchikoshi led project which will include everyone in the studio.
  • Project two: A death game (who could have guessed) which puts Uchikoshi as the scenario writer and Nakazawa as the director. And features children as the main characters.
  • Project Three: A collaboration with Spike Chunsoft on a game that Kodaka had started working on before he left the company.
  • Project four: An anime in collaboration with Studio Pierrot.

The company has launched an official website in English where fans can follow the studio’s plans, you know that we will.

You can check out the project illustrations below:

Author’s take: What a wild announcement this is! I hope all the best for this new studio and the creators. I’m also interested to see what we can expect from Spike Chunsoft in the future and how they will handle the loss of the key developers.

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