Sim Visual Novel ‘Tomorrow Will Be Dying’ Launches Demo Before Kickstarter Conclusion

Team Robo launched a demo for their sim-visual novel Tomorrow Will Be Dying on befor the conclusion of the game’s Kickstarter.

The demo includes gameplay for their visual novel sim for players to test run before backing. Currently, the game has passed its goal, but their is still more than a week left. Furthermore, backers have surpassed the stretch goals for alternative outfits and new assets.

Tomorrow Will Be Dying stars the main protagonist B, an entomology student who deals with depression. She has a dry sense of humor and has a fondness of bugs. Other characters include A, who was B’s classmate in high school. A is a troublemaker who loves pranks, cryptids, and anything dangerous. There’s also C, B’s childhood friend, who is obsessed with space, and N, a soft-spoken person and the founder of the occult club that A, B, and C were all a part of in high school.

Tomorrow Will Be Dying is going to be a linear story that takes place over 30 days. Players will be able to make choices during dialogue and navigate through the events. The developers plan to make the game 10 – 15 hours long.

The sim elements of the game include balancing time, such as, when to eat, sleep, and exercise. Players can also hang out with other characters and build their relationships with them.

You can watch the trailer below:

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