Otokonoko Fantasy ‘Tomgirls of the Mountains -Josou Sanmyaku-‘ Comes West This Summer to PC

JAST USA announced that they will publish the Nounai Kanojo developed otokonoko fantasy, Tomgirls of the Mountains -Josou Sanmyaku-, on PC in the west this summer.

Tomgirls of the Mountains -Josou Sanmyaku- tells the story of Ikuto, who has recently been dumped by the women of his dreams. Before this relationship, he’s never considered himself to particularly good with meeting women so he decides to just dump them completely. While his heart is broken, he leaves his town and journeys into the mountain where he ends up getting lost, nothing surprising there. After a storm began, he seeks shelter and ends up discovering a hidden village.

So, okay, in this hidden village are otokonoko individuals, which happens to be a cultural identity and fictional. The term relates to men who cross-dress, but it’s not connected to a particular sexual identity or gender identity. Basically, they’re both genders in a sense and JAST USA writes, “stories with otokonoko characters can be enjoyed by anyone” and this visual novel has the main character “faced with three super-cute feminine tomgirls.”

The publisher also released the game’s first trailer, which can watch below:

Author’s take: I don’t know what to say…hopefully the protagonist finds what he’s looking for.

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