Slice-of-Life Visual Novel ‘Tokyo Re:Connect’ Launches Kickstarter to Assist With Development

Koneko launched a Kickstarter for their slice-of-life visual novel Tokyo Re:Connect, in development for PC.

The team is seeking $45,000 to complete development on their visual novel, Tokyo Re:Connect. The game has planned runtime of 30 hours with an emphasis on a choice-driven narrative. The game will follow an episodic format allowing players to play through specific episodes instead of setting up several save slots for ending. A digital copy of the game will be $35, which is high for an indie game, but it does come with additional digital rewards.

Tokyo Re:Connect tells the story of Touki Shindou, who has just transferred to Ainoshima Gakuen in the middle of the Spring term on the advice of his older sister, Ayane Shindou. Touki sees himself as an ordinary student but is the only member of the classic literature club, which is in danger of disbanding.

As the deadline for recruiting a specific amount members approaches, the student council president, Ayumi, gives them an idea of how to save the club. However, it may not be in the club’s best interests as more and more girls began to join, even to the point where the club may be taken over.

Currently, there’s a demo available now on PC-via their website.

You can check out the trailer below:

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