BL Visual Novel ‘Tokyo Onmyoji’ Gets February 2022 Release Window in the West

Moonchime Localization provided an update on the English release of the BL visual novel Tokyo Onmyoji.

In a statement, the publisher has delayed the game from a 2021 release to an early February 2022 release. This was due to delays caused by COVID restrictions in Europe. However, they will release a free demo of the game soon and host a pre-order campaign for fans.

Originally released by publisher HolicWorks in 2014, Tokyo Onmyoji is fully voiced in Japanese and features beautiful, highly animated artwork by Akira Sakamoto. The publisher has previously shared that there will be no cut content in the Steam or JAST USA release in the west.

Summary from the publisher:

The year is 2014.
Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Japan, where “onmyoji” is a recognized profession.
Here lies the city of Tokyo, unscathed by major air raids for the entirety of World War II.
The era is a mixture of both the old days and the new.
In the midst of what appears to be peaceful, everyday life, there are many incidents of people being harmed by demons.

Having been previously banned at the close of the war, the practice of onmyoji is now used solely as a countermeasure for those incidents.

The world is on the brink of chaos.
Tokyo is home to hollow, wandering souls.
It is now known that most of the demons who cause harm were formerly humans.
Why do humans transform into demons?
What is the true nature of the darkness lurking at the root of all this?

A mystery lies in this place of intersecting emotions.

The alternate history/fantasy setting is rich with Japanese cultural and mythological references, which should make it interesting for Western audiences to explore. Trying to solve the mystery will lead to 27(!) different endings, and the huge amount of bad endings will hopefully satisfy fans of darker BL content.

You can read the full statement below:

Tokyo Onmyoji

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