Tokyo Olympics 2020 Opening Ceremony Features Video Game Music From Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, NieR, and More

During the opening ceremony of the Summer Tokyo Olympics 2020 today, a variety of Japanese video game music was performed. The song list includes tracks from Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Tales of, NieR, Chrono Trigger, and several more Japanese video game franchises.

You can view the entire list of used video game tracks for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 below:

Needless to say, this is incredibly wild news that I don’t think anyone was really expecting to occur. Then again, given the context of this year’s Olympics event, the choice of songs does make a great deal of sense. After all, video games are an integral facet of Japanese culture, so using tracks from that particular aspect to represent their regional Olympic games is understandable. Furthermore, each of these songs is from popular series, too, granting a generalized yet realistic perception of the Japanese gaming climate.

Still, I do not think I could ever get used to hearing this nostalgic music in such a wide, overwhelming context as this.

The Kingdom Hearts tracks used were quite fitting, as they are both from the Hercules world. On the other hand, Song of the Ancients from NieR seems like a questionable choice to me, but it is a fan-favorite track from those games, so I suppose it makes sense. Regardless, hearing all of this legendary video game music during a national event on this scale is mind-boggling and really goes to show how far video games have come as a medium in regards to recognizability.

You can view the Kingdom Hearts music used in higher quality on KH13.

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