BL Visual Novel ‘Togainu no Chi’ Coming to the West on PC

BL Visual Novel ‘Togainu no Chi’ Coming to the West on PC

During Anime Expo 2019, JAST USA announced plans to publish the Nitroplus CHiRAL developed BL visual novel Togainu no Chi in the west, coming soon to PC.

Togainu no Chi follows the years after a third world war where a devasted Japan is divided between two rival factions with no hope for reconstruction insight. Over time, many of the citizens who are reaching adulthood during the era must deal with all of the consequences. A young man named Akira seeks meaning in his life by participating in a street fighting contest called Bl@ster. However, even as he rises through the ranks, he feels nothing.

In Toshima, a district of Tokyo ruled by the syndicate known as Vischio, holds a fighting competition to give fighters a chance to win control of a drug empire worth more money than they can imagen, but losing a fight means losing your life. One day, Akira is arrested for a crime he didn’t commit and an officer asks him to fight in the tournament in order to regain his freedom.

Being a BL, readers can expect some pretty boys beating the hell out of each other.

You can watch Togainu no Chi’s English trailer showing characters and gameplay:

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