Interplanetary Journalism Adventure ‘Times & Galaxy’ Announced for PC; Demo Available Now on Steam

Publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Copychaser announced Times & Galaxy. This adventure title about a journalist robot will be available on PC (Steam) in 2024. Though a specific window has yet to be revealed, a demo is now available as a part of LudoNarraCon 2023.

In Times & Galaxy, we assume the role of the first reporterbot ever working for the titular holopaper Times & Galaxy. During this internship, you will have to visit other planets as you look for the leads in hyper-local news. The unique setting is guaranteed to bring weird, curious beings of various races.

As an intern, your job is making sure you look at every nook and cranny so you can make the best story to publish. Your choices along the way, such as how far you actually dig for information, will affect your reputation along the way, and you may even betray the trust of your sources. Your “journalist style” will also affect your relationship with the crewmates that work at your spacebound newsroom known as the Scanner.

The info you gather from interviewing people and looking for clues will impact which keywords you have to offer. Once your assignment is finished, you have to choose the key elements that will show up for readers, a simple system that should drastically impact what is published based on what you actually got during the exploration of the locales. You can also customize your bot and upgrade his style over time.

Here are a few screenshots for Times & Galaxy:

Check out the first trailer for the game:

We’ll keep you updated on the latest news for Times & Galaxy, as well as upcoming games from publisher Fellow Traveller.

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