Timelie DLC Hell Loop Trailer Releases With an October Release and Free Download

Timelie, the stealth puzzle game by Bangkok-based developer Urnique Studios, has had its first DLC announced today via a trailer. This DLC, called “Hell Loop” is scheduled for an October 9 release date.

You can view the trailer for this upcoming DLC below:


The “Hell Loop” DLC features 30 brand new, challenging levels which all utilize the time bending mechanics of the game, and push them to their limit. This upcoming DLC is also going to be a free download for all players. Boasting of its challenge, developer Urnique Studios hopes it can provide players with a level of sufficient difficulty that surpasses what the base game of Timelie set out to do.

In Timelie, players are able to control time like a media player by being able to both rewind time, and fast forwarding to see how your future unfolds. Players control both a girl and a cat simultaneously, to solve puzzles, distract enemies and escape enemies, and to ultimately escape the abstract world they find themselves trapped in.

Timelie is a highly critically acclaimed stealth, puzzle title, winning a variety of awards such as the Game of the Year 2020 from the Thai Game Awards 2020. This title is available for purchase on Steam.

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