Time on Frog Island Review – A Froggy Adventure

    Title: Time on Frog Island
    Developer: Half Past Yellow
    Release Date: July 12, 2022
    Reviewed On: PC
    Publisher: Merge Games
    Genre: Adventure

You can always rely on indie games to deliver a cozy experience. Developed by small studio Half Past Yellow, Time on Frog Island is a delightful sandbox adventure game where you play as a boat captain, marooned on an island. As you explore the island, you meet the resident frogs, each one going about their days.

In order to fix your boat, you must work to solve the frog’s problems and find things they are looking for to get the parts you need. Each frog has a very notable design and personality, which is excellent because every conversation in the game is done with pictures, not words. From who they are talking about to what they need from you, it all plays out in cute, colorful speech bubbles, making it easy to recognize who is who and what they need.

You’ll spend a bunch of time finding tools for a carpenter, repairing scarecrows for the farmer, and finding the merchant’s “dog”, as well as just exploring the island. While the game does have a time mechanic, there is no rush to accomplish any tasks.

Time on Frog Island 1

You can explore and play at your own pace, often leading you to discover silly little things organically, instead of being expressly told what to do or how to do it. The controls are simple to better allow this, having only a jump button and a pick-up/put down button. There is no combat in the game, and no health bar, so you can jump from any height, though falling into the ocean will reset you to the beach.

While your main objective is to repair your boat to continue your journey, there is a variety of extra activities to do around the island. Most of it is silly stuff like races or planting mushrooms, but the game has an achievement list so you can check things off as you go, or to look at for hints on what else you can do. While you don’t need to do them to complete your boat, the little side things add lots of life to the game.

Time on Frog Island 2

Which is a very good thing, because the main objective is tragically short, clocking in at maybe 4 hours if you spend time messing around. Having seen the credits, you can probably finish the game in about an hour if you know enough about what you’re doing.

The extra content very much extends the playtime, but in a good way, giving you fun, wholesome content to enjoy. You can buy things from a shop, sightsee, visit and explore old Frog Ruins, and a lot more. Trying to find everything is probably more enjoyable than the main quest of the game.

Time on Frog Island 3

The game is extremely colorful and vibrant, with charming characters and objects. Yes, even the objects you carry around are charming, like the bell that gongs any time you put it down, or the way the fruit bounces when you throw it. The game in general has so much individuality that I don’t believe I’ve played anything that has felt quite like it.

To top it off, the soundtrack is chill and cheerful, with soft ambient sounds around the island. Every night as your character goes to sleep, you get a touching story told to you through pictures, detailing what happened before you came to the island. While not important to the gameplay, it is pretty emotional and loving, adding itself to the cheerful nature of the experience as a whole.

Time on Frog Island 4

From top to bottom, Time on Frog Island oozes personality. The world, music, and characters create an amazing, laid-back experience that had me laughing at the random goofiness, and just stopping to enjoy the scenery as I thought about which task to do next. If you’re a fan of more laid-back experiences like I am, I strongly suggest giving Time on Frog Island a try.

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