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    Title: The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World Vol. 1
    Author: Reia
    Release Date: February 9, 2021
    Publisher: Yen Press

Yes, I know where you’re thinking, “Azario, another isekai?” and to that, I say, “Shut up, and just read the review or go straight to the score.” The World’s Finest Assassin Vol. 1 is another isekai fantasy that focuses on the art of assassination while also giving readers a mysterious protagonist who we aren’t allowed to truly understand.

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The World’s Finest Assassin Vol. 1 begins with the end of the life of one of the world’s best assassins. He’s just been double-crossed before retirement, but when he opens his eyes he is confronted with the choice to be reborn again on Earth without his memories or be reborn with all his memories in a world of magic. Like many of us would, he chooses the latter.

Interestingly, the assassin is also given a mission to kill the hero of this world when they are 18 to stop it from being destroyed. Before being reborn he’s able to choose his own skills and then the next thing he knows he’s coming out of his new mother as a baby name Lugh. However, he still thinks and has the witts of his former self, which acts as Lugh’s inner voice.

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The World’s Finest Assassin Vol. 1 follows the first 10 years of Lugh’s life as they immediately start planning on how he will take on the exceptionally powerful hero in the future. Many pieces are put in place to allow him to excel in magic and assassination, which is a shared skill in his family’s clan. However, the level of coincidences he encounters in life makes him cautious on the rules of this world and just how powerful the one of gave him this job is.

Aside from training, Lugh is also in search of living a life, unlike the one he led before. We get to see him open up a little with a few of the characters. While there’s some fanservice that could make some readers uncomfortable, I didn’t have any problem with the steps that Lugh took to get more from this life than he did in his previous.

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The illustrations rarely focused on the environment. Instead, we get to see more of the facial features of the characters which sometimes projected what they were going to say before we read it. Still, I would have liked to see more of the surroundings and environments. Most of the chapters are rather speedy as well and time is skipped. We only get to see Lugh enjoying life a few times and I think this first entry would have been better if it slowed down to set up ways that he’s living life differently.

I think the writing is incredibly clever. Almost too clever, which makes me think Lugh isn’t that great of a protagonist. He has very little faults and is always so focused on his next training. It’s hard to read what he is going to do next, which makes him a complete mystery even if we can read his thoughts. After the volume, I can only really say that I know the dude is playing a game of chess with all the people he allows in his life, I and really want to see what he does when all the pieces are in place.

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The World’s Finest Assassin Vol. 1 isn’t the best set up for an isekai, but giving us a protagonist who we can’t relate to and making him a complete mystery to the reader gives more reason to continue the series. I love the attention to facial expressions, which changed drastically when the characters switched into a more serious state. I hope volume 2 builds on this foundation instead of trying to create new plot points as the pacing is going too fast as it is.


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