The World Ends with You-Inspired Rhythm RPG ‘URBANO – Legends’ Debut’ Reaches Kickstarter Goal in Less than 4 Days

Publisher and developer barosa has announced that the minimum $33,400 Kickstarter goal for their rhythm RPG with an art style inspired by The World Ends with YouURBANO – Legends’ Debut, has been achieved.

Future goals include an Arcade Mode and Voice Acting. For more information check out the game’s Kickstarter page.

The game is set in “an ecumenopolis, a city that covers the whole world,” where immortal Entities rule over ordinary citizens. The protagonist, Vailo, has the alias of Retaliator, “an urban legend that hunts urban legends.” However, after moving to the Karma District to find new urban legends to hunt, he’s forbidden to do so unless under the supervision of the Honor Entity. The two then take on Retaliator’s quests together, though the Honor Entity is unaware of his true identity.

Combat is timing-based, requiring projectile evasion and deflection to reach enemies. Other features comprise character interaction for affection, determining how some aspects of the narrative play out. Another activity is dancing, a job that grants rewards depending on performance.

Moreover, the soundtrack is highly varied, with punk rock, funk, and breakcore being some implemented genres. The demo even features a song by the group behind the ending theme of Samurai Champloo.

You can download the free demo on Steam.

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