PlatinumGames Isn’t Looking to Revisit Any Other of Their Older Titles, but a Sequel to the Wonderful 101 Isn’t off the Table

With the launch of The Wonderful 101: Remastered on Kickstarter, the title is able to reach many new fans. After being exclusive to the Wii U for quite some time, players are now able to experience the colorful adventure on more modern, and arguably more popular, hardware.

This will be PlatinumGames’ first-time self-publishing in the west, which was unheard of from a Japanese developer just a few years ago. Sitting down with PlatinumGames director Hideki Kamiya and producer Atsushi Inaba, we had the chance to learn more about why they chose this title to return to.

Kamiya-san shared, “The game’s original development had a very tight schedule, but it’s still one of our largest games to date when it comes to content. We definitely want to get this game in the hands of a larger player base. When getting into the remastered, we didn’t want to focus too much on the cosmetic upgrade of it. Instead, I felt as though there were certain aspects of the game that I wanted to touch up, especially in terms of user-friendliness and directions on the screen.” He continues, “Revisiting the game allows me to refocus my attention on the design and UI of the game. I’m hoping that modern gamers who have played the game and who haven’t played the game can get an enjoyable experience from the Remastered.”

The idea of self-publishing is something the team at PlatinumGames has wanted to do for a while. It just so happened that this lined up with the team wishing to revisit The Wonderful 101.

When asked about returning to their other titles to give them maybe the same treatment, Inaba-san said, “At the end of the day, it’s business, and we have a lot of projects that we are working on. You know, deadlines. At this point in time, we aren’t thinking about other titles. Instead, we are concentrating on moving forward with our current projects.”

Still, we couldn’t help but ask about a sequel for The Wonderful 101, to which Kamiya-san said, “We are divided in the office. On the one hand, I want to develop a sequel and continue the world, but then I discuss it with people they are excited at first, but then they remember how much work the first one took. Essentially, we’re like, “Damn. This game was huge, do we really want to go through this again?” The feeling is there, but the reality is that I don’t know if we can do this.”

As to what that would like, Kamiya-san wouldn’t mind a Wonder-Blue spin-off, but I was hoping for Wonder-Pink.

For those awaiting the upcoming release, Inaba-san said, “I would like to say to all the fans who have supported us that they have changed our destiny, thank you.”

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