The Warriors Series Tagline ‘1 vs. 1000’ May Become a “Thing of the Past” for Upcoming Titles on Newer Hardware

The Musou series has always graced fans with the high action thrill of clearing out hundreds of enemies at a time from the battlefield. In fact, this has led the genre to define the “1 vs. 1000” tagline that accompanies the series today. It highlights the player character being an absolute powerhouse in battle as they confront thousands of enemies at a time.

However, with the release of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, fans have yet to see what a fully realized entry on this newer hardware will look like. The developer, Omega Force, is most likely already in the planning stages of how they will approach bringing the series to this new generation. Still, currently, support is being given to the newest entry, Samurai Warriors 5.

Still, we can dream about what a new game could look like, and to keep our expectations in check, we asked the President and COO of Koei Tecmo and producer on Samurai Warriors 5 Hisashi Koinuma about what his dreams are for the future of Musou titles and how they will utilize the more powerful hardware of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, Koinuma shared, “The first thing that comes to mind would be increasing the number of characters and enemies that can be displayed on screen at one time, which would allow for the total number of hits and attacks recorded to be in the tens of thousands.

“With such advances, the Warriors series concept of exhilarating 1 vs. “1000” will probably become a thing of the past. I think the AI will also be greatly improved as well as better graphics for the stages, along with several other additional points.”

Losing the 1 vs. 1000 tagline sounds interesting and only gets us more excited about how the team can take advantage of this newer hardware.

Samurai Warriors 5 is the newest entry in the series and takes place after the end of the Ōnin War, during the Sengoku period, and tells the story of two of the most preeminent military commanders of this period – Nobunaga Oda and Mitsuhide Akechi. This title includes various eras from this period, including the younger years of Nobunaga, when he was known as “Owari’s Great Fool,” and the period of turmoil and upheaval leading to the Honnō-Ji Incident.

In case you missed it, check out our preview.

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