VR Adventure ‘The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners’ Gets Trailer Revealing January Release Date

Developer Skydance Interactive and publisher Skybound Entertainment unveiled the first official trailer for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, a VR adventure game set in The Walking Dead universe. The trailer not only shows a first-look for what’s in store for players, but it also reveals a release date — January 23, 2020.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners will have players journey through the flooded remains of the once-great city of New Orleans. With both deadly walkers and hostile survivors running amok, and disease and famine problems to boot, players are going to have to make gut-wrenching choices as they fight for survival. Survival will be of the fittest and the smartest in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. Players will have the freedom to choose how they’d like to survive the wasteland they’re in, all the while taking on the game’s visceral combat.

Because of how player-choice-focused exploration and combat will be, there’ll be a slew of ways for players to survive — whether it be scaling buildings to ambush enemies from above, attacking from a distance with a bow, or getting up close and personal and stabbing a walker right in the head with a knife. Since there’ll be an arsenal of weapons to play around with and craft, players will also have the ability to come up with their own very play style that best fits them.

This isn’t going to be a linear adventure either as choices in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners will affect not just how the combat plays out but how the story plays out as well.  As players dive deeper into this unforgiving journey, they’ll uncover the mystery at the heart of the conflict that threatens to tear the city apart.

To get an even better idea of what the game is all about, check out our hands-on demo preview.

Take a brief stroll into The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners thanks to the trailer and screenshots below:

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