Turn-Based JRPG ‘The Use of Life’ Adds Misha Route Chapter 4 in New Early Access Update

Turn-Based JRPG ‘The Use of Life’ Adds Misha Route Chapter 4 in New Early Access Update

Playism has launched a new update for the Daraneko Games-developer adventure JRPG The Use of Life. The game is currently in Steam Early Access, which has been steadily receiving updates throughout the year.

The adventure contains significant story branches depending on your in-game choices. Now, players can play the game through Chapter 4, which adds a new route for Misha. The developer plans to conclude Misha’s route in 2024.

Previously, the duo Goshe and Misha embarked on a perilous journey to the ruins of the ancient Pala Gaya civilization. Their quest, driven by the desire to either defeat a formidable dragon or discover a means to prolong Goshe’s life, led them through a treacherous desert. Just as they reached what appeared to be the entrance to the ruins, they encountered a formidable Deathwalker warrior. Despite Goshe’s victory, both he and Misha found themselves entrapped in quicksand, setting the stage for the next chapter.

Chapter 4 commences with Goshe and Misha’s struggle for survival. In this chapter, they are joined by a knowledgeable priest, well-versed in the secrets of the Deathwalkers. As Goshe engages with the remnants of the ancient Pala Gayans, who harbored dreams of slaying a dragon, he is granted a rare insight into their memories and the history of Pala Gaya. This chapter is pivotal in unraveling the mysteries that surfaced at the end of Chapter 3, including the enigmatic characters who appeared and the fate of the ancient Pala Gayans. Players will navigate Goshe through a series of challenging encounters against a variety of formidable enemies and colossal bosses. The climax of this chapter brings Goshe face to face with the core theme of the game – his ‘use of life’ – leading to a critical branching path in the storyline. The decisions made by players at this juncture will decisively shape the conclusion of Goshe’s narrative, offering a unique and personalized ending based on their choices.

You can watch the update trailer below:

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