The Tartarus Key is a Survival Horror Featuring 90s Era Graphics With Escape-Room Frights

Armor Games Studios announced they will publish the Vertical Reach-developed survival horror adventure The Tartarus Key on PC-via Steam in 2022.

The Tartarus Key is inspired by games such as Alone In The Dark and features escape-room elements. During gameplay, players assume the role of Alex Young, a woman who wakes up locked in a manor and monitored on cameras.

“We’re hard at work making The Tartarus Key, and we hope you’ll enjoy its blend of authentic vibes and puzzles!” said Leonor Parra and Kevin Colegate of development team Vertical Reach.

The house is full of tricks and deathly traps. However, it turns out, she’s not the only one locked in, and over a portable radio, she hears an unfamiliar voice. To progress, players will need to solve puzzles and figure out how Alex got into this situation. There are three endings to discover so players can play through the adventure multiple times and try to make new choices that alter the conclusion.

The game features graphics pulled out of the PlayStation era survival horror genre. The in-game puzzles are set up to get players thinking about obscure ways to escape the room. The game relies more on atmosphere than combat or chase sequences.

You can watch the reveal trailer below:

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