BL Visual Novel ‘The Symbiant’ Gets February PC Release Date

Developer HeartCoreDev has announced the release date for The Symbiant. The BL visual novel about a relationship with a mysterious blue alien (and some alien tendrils) will be available on PC on February 2. 2023. It’ll be possible to get the game on Steam or, with the former requiring a patch for 18+ content. A demo is already available with multiple language options.

The Symbiant tells the story of a young Terran man called Danya. Along with his friend Juniper, he commands a cargo ship called The Ameretat. Unfortunately, their latest trip has the duo in the red, looking for any sort of job that can help them out of this situation. For that reason, they decide to accept a shady job they’d otherwise decline: an alien who pays very well to go back to his home planet.

Danya’s job will be to take a blue man called Brahve to Odaria, and despite how the route is simple and usually free of space pirates, he can’t help but feel uneasy. This feeling is aggravated by the mysterious sounds coming from Brahve’s room at night. However, maybe his senses dull a little because the alien is gorgeous and the two may get closer on the way.

As a BL, The Symbiant has Brahve as the sole love interest, with two routes and four endings according to your choices. It’s also fully voiced over in English and should last at least 6 hours according to the developer. There are over 25 CGs, variations not included in the count.

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